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❶Parliament remains sovereign and is required to legitimate all government legislative proposals.

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Departmental select committees such as the health, Brexit and education committees possess a significant wealth of scrutiny over their corresponding ministers.

There are many forms of legislative scrutiny of the Executive with the majority being on the floor of the House of Commons.

The National Audit Office performs an oversight function in relation to finance while the Ombudsman can investigate mal-administration by government departments. It could be argued that the scrutiny function of Departmental Select Committees has improved in recent years since their composition is now decided by MPs in the Commons and not as was previously the case by the government whips. Many forms of scrutiny clearly exist yet the majority of them are largely ineffective.

A coalition government clearly increases the importance of Parliament as no single party has an overall majority seats and the government must guard against backbench revolts and legislative defeats.

The House of Lords in recent years has on numerous occasions defeated the will of the government Fixed Term Parliament Act and their committees have acted to amend government legislation regularly. Parliament, the Commons in particular, provides representation for the electorate and a forum for debate for the political issues of the day. This clearly has implications in terms of legislation and policy formulation where compromises between the government parties are the order of the day.

Parliament still clearly performs a representative function and it could be argued that parliament is more representative of British society with the recent changes to the composition of the House of Lords concerning the decreasing numbers of hereditary peers. The government cannot function without Parliament. As a legislative body Parliament is weak, and it may well be subordinate to the Executive. It is however multi-functional and possessed of significant powers ensuring that it remains a highly relevant political institution.

Whilst the current minority government is fragile and given prior instances of minority governments James Callaghan Labour government , unlikely to survive a full term, it completely eradicates the possibility of an overly-dominant executive and forces the government to achieve cross-party support in all areas of policy.

In conclusion, it would be fair to say that the British political system over the last 30 years has become increasingly executive dominated. This has developed due to the frequency of governments with large parliamentary majorities, cohesive unified political parties, a strong whipping system allied to the PMs patronage, and the rarity of government defeats in both the commons and the lords.

During these years there has also been an erosion of parliamentary sovereignty due to the increasing legislative powers of Europe and devolution to the regions during the s. The absence of effective parliamentary scrutiny of the executive further reinforces the view that parliament is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Parliament still retains the power to remove the executive by a vote of no confidence and the absence of an overall government majority for one party clearly threatens executive dominance.

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A level politics essay help Wondering if there is an essay to be written on how Lionel Trilling ruined American Judaism and if HeerJeet would write file-download.tke of thesis statement essay A Level Politics .

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You will cover political ideologies, organisations and parties, how government works (or not), and possibly the politics of another country such as the USA. You will need to have a good grasp of factual knowledge and the ability to analyse, argue and discuss in your essay work.

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