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But even if they cut evidence out of reports, we have the clear evidence of Thermite in the buildings, we have clear evidence of C. The evidence points to a massive government cover-up. Now, who were the people behind this? As I said, we can come up with theories, we can come up with speculation, but they do not--I mean, in my opinion, they are not facts.

Would you be surprised? Do you think the evidence is leaning towards that? Well, again, considering the level of cover-up and the length at which they have gone to gag people and prevent information-- this information from coming out, I would say yes. Former Coast Guard officer. Specialist in Counterterrorism, Intelligence, and Security.

Customs and Border Protection after 33 years. Worked on almost every enforcement team within U. I guess, I, too, was living in denial. No one wants to believe this, but having witnessed two jet plane crashes in the past, and watching the Trade Center buildings collapse, I know that the facts do not add up. Someone has to be held accountable.

Chadwick Brooks and Sgt. How certain are you of that? Is there anything you told me that you think you might have just deduced? The plane was far to the North side of the station. Did not pass over the station. Brooks is going to draw for me on the image, where he saw the plane fly. Brooks draws a line on the aerial photo of the Pentagon area.

So you guys, neither of you guys have really talked about this with each other? Never in all these five years, and you both independently drew the flight path line pretty much exact. I know, I was -- the way this has been going -- who knew what he was going to put down there because he was in a different location. But from different locations, yes. This more northerly flight path is inconsistent with the swath of destruction inside the Pentagon, which runs from the southwest to northeast, as reported in the Pentagon Building Damage Report.

The more northerly flight path is also inconsistent with downing the five light poles, which is attributed to Flight 77 in the official account. Air Force Institute of Technology , Lt. Army Signals Intelligence officer. Currently Director of Academic Programs, Institute for Policy and Economic Development, University of Texas, El Paso, specializing in executive branch secrecy policy, governmental abuse, and law and bureaucracy.

Author, co-author, and editor of several books on law and political theory, including: They either refused to interview all relevant experts and witnesses, or, they censored the reports provided to them by those with direct and first-hand information.

Both these acts were selective and intentional. Contrary to their pledge to establish accountability: Former Judge pro tem. Customs, responsible for the internal integrity and security for areas encompassing nine states and two foreign locations. Former Federal Sky Marshall. See also individual statement above. Navy and the FAA. Over 30 years experience in law enforcement, commercial and industrial security-related risk management, and service sector business management.

Currently Aviation, Logistics and Govt. Security Analyst, BoydForbes, Inc. He is the author and co-author of five books on international relations. He is a Middle East and Latin American operations specialist. Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Military Police.

Senator from Georgia - Secretary of State of Georgia - Administrator of the U. Veterans Administration - Triple amputee from war injuries. This investigation is now compromised. Former Senator Bob Kerrey from Nebraska was selected to replace him. But this White House wants to cover it up. Senator from Nebraska - Governor of Nebraska - Unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in Combat injuries resulted in the amputation of the lower part of one leg.

Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life" for his service in Vietnam.

Currently, President, New School University - present. Can I announce that on the air? And are you willing to come on the air and say that?

In intelligence circles, testimony obtained through torture is typically discredited; research shows that people will say anything under threat of intense physical pain. Commission members note that they repeatedly pressed the Bush White House and CIA for direct access to the detainees, but the administration refused. Former senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, a Democrat on the commission, told me last year he had long feared that the investigation depended too heavily on the accounts of Al Qaeda detainees who were physically coerced into talking.

Graduate of the National War College. He has served as a security and crisis management consultant for several Fortune companies. He also served as a crisis management consultant for several Federal agencies, including The State Department, the Department of Defense, the U. Author, co-author, and editor of Fighting Back: The Shape of U. Essays on Conflict in the 21st Century They have brought us no closer than we were on September 12, to resolving how it was executed and by what enemy.

They tell us repeatedly that it was the work of al Qaida, but they have yet to show us the proofs. They told us the official version of what happened that day, but their story is laced with contradictions, and the facts visible on the ground at the time belie much of the official account.

Our leadership gave us a Sopranos blank screen ending to a terrible tragedy, while working below the radar to avoid our established laws and slowly to destroy our democratic institutions.

We cannot let a single criminal act, the facts and perpetrators of which are still obscure, destroy our society. Instead we are watching the most brutal power games of our times that benefit the few at the expense of the rest of us. The nature of events in New York. The buildings falling down.

The last building to fall was not even attacked. There is a lot of work in getting sixteen people ready to commit voluntary and simultaneous suicide. The case has not been made. The official story is not persuasive because it does not address the real issues of complexity. You also say, "They told us the official version of what happened that day, but their story is laced with contradictions, and the facts visible on the ground at the time belie much of the official account.

And what facts belie the official account? The sheer mechanics of the event. The chances of two buildings of that height and structure merely collapsing in their own footprint are extremely slim. Former Staff Member, U. Senate Intelligence Committee dealing with oversight of the intelligence services - Currently Vice Chairman of the U.

Army War College Board of Visitors. Professor of International Relations, Boston University - present. Fellow of the Claremont Institute. Senior Editor of The American Spectator. Author of Advice to War Presidents: Ends and Means , Arms Control Delusion So let us take a fresh look at the fundamentals.

Negative evidence alone compels the conclusion that Osama is long since dead. The guy just does not look like Osama. Some videos show him with a Semitic aquiline nose, while others show him with a shorter, broader one. Next to that, differences between colors and styles of beard are small stuff. All of the purported Osama recordings with one falling into a gray area differed clearly from one another as well as from the genuine ones.

By contrast, the CIA found all the recordings authentic. It is hard to imagine what methodology might support this conclusion. He also writes with the wrong hand.

Lawrence concluded that the messages are fakes, and not very good ones. The CIA has judged them all good. We incite…" But in the so-called "confession video" that the CIA found in December, the Osama figure acts like the chief conspirator.

The fact that the video had been made for no self-evident purpose except perhaps to be found by the Americans should have raised suspicion.

Why would he wait to indict himself until after U. But the CIA acted as if it had caught Osama red-handed. Ambassador and Chief of Mission to Iraq - Commander in the U. Founder of Sanders Associates. Advisor to the Episcopal Urban Bishops. Author, co-author and editor of more than 20 books on national security and domestic affairs, including The Four Freedoms under Siege: Endorsement of The New Pearl Harbor: Griffin raises disturbing questions that deserve thoughtful and truthful answers from our government.

During his career as a senior State Department official, Dr. Pieczenik utilized his unique abilities and expertise to develop strategies and tactics that were instrumental in resolving major conflicts in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and the United States. Pieczenik helped develop negotiation strategies for major U.

Pieczenik was a chief architect of the Cambodian Peace Conference in Paris. He is currently an advisor to the Department of Defense. His novels are based on his twenty years experience in resolving international crises for four U. My Life is Great. We have been safe for over 30 to 40 years.

Nothing and no one has ever attacked the United States. We were attacked by our own people in a false flag operation.

We have to stop this government and other governments from continuing to deceive, deny, and continuously manipulate the American public. Regarding the Able Danger anti-terrorism data mining program. Why is there this reaction to what is called by more than half of our congressmen and women, to open up and to allow our elected representatives to know what happened?

Their response to it, it was historically insignificant. How do you respond? I disagree with that. I was a prosecutor and an FBI agent for many, many years.

I deal in facts. You have two witnesses. You were director of the FBI until June of Were you ever aware of Able Danger? Was the FBI ever given any reason to sense that there was some military intelligence or military intelligence evidence or suggestion that there would be an attack or some relationship to Mohamed Atta?

Myself, but also my former colleagues and current FBI colleagues, we read about this in the newspapers in August of this year. And what is very significant here Lou -- which is a point that has been made, and which I think you made -- we had officers at Able Danger who made appointments, actually made appointments to go to the FBI and share this intelligence in and those appointments were canceled.

It had to be a very powerful stimulus, this intelligence and information, to make these officers want to really breach the chain of command and go directly to the FBI.

Curt Weldon , Lt. Democratic Party nominee for President Senator from Minnesota - Ambassador to Japan - Interviewed by Minnesota We Are C.

Yeah, because, "Why did it happen? They never did it. Senator Mike Gravel — Former U. Senator from Alaska - Candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Most well known for entering over 4, pages of the Pentagon Papers into the U. Senate record, thus making public the secret official study that revealed the lies and manipulations of successive U.

See also Daniel Ellsberg. Also known for his successful one-man filibuster for five months in that forced the Nixon administration to cut a deal, effectively ending the draft military conscription in the United States. Former Counter-Intelligence officer, U. Founder, The Democracy Foundation.

Author of Citizen Power: Contributing author to The Case for a Nuclear Moratorium Why is that question not asked at these debates? In New York, we have a ballot initiative coming forward. What are your thoughts on that? I have told the leaders of this organization, Les Jamison and Dr. Pepper, I would be honored to serve on that Commission. And I hope the citizens of New York pass this initiative. And if they go to jail, they go to jail. Senator Lincoln Chafee — U. Senator from Rhode Island - Senator from New York - present.

Twice-elected member of the U. House of Representatives - Just recently, Vice President Biden was handed a paper -- a study that was done -- that proves that there were explosives found in the debris of the World Trade Center. Would your office accept the study to be able to take a look at the study and review? I will certainly look at the study and review it. I would very much like to look at that issue because that sounds like something voters really should be part of the discussion.

Will you give me that information so I can review it? Senator Charles Schumer — U. Former Congressman from New York - Author of Positively American: Article by Peter Duveen Sen. Schumer D-NY said yesterday that while he was positively disposed toward a new investigation into the events of , his support for such a probe would depend on the form it would take.

He briefly mentioned "finding body parts," which may have referred to the discovery in that the roof of the Deutsche Bank building near the former site of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was strewn with human remains from Senator Bob Graham — Former U.

Senator from Florida - Former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Bob Graham tried to expose what he came to believe were national security coverups and manipulations by the Bush administration. But he discovered that it was hard to reveal a coverup playing by the rules. Much of the evidence the Florida Democrat needed to buttress his arguments was being locked away, he found, under the veil of politically motivated classification. Question by Mary Jacoby: What exactly was suppressed, and why?

In general terms it included the details of why we [on the committee] had raised suspicion that the Saudi government and various representatives of Saudi interests had supported some of the hijackers -- and might have supported all of them. My own personal conclusion was that the evidence of official Saudi support for at least two of the terrorists in San Diego was, as one CIA agent said, incontrovertible.

The discovery of the financial backing of the two hijackers "would draw a direct line between the terrorists and the government of Saudi Arabia, and trigger an attempted coverup by the Bush administration," the Florida Democrat wrote. Senator Mark Dayton — Former U. Have you heard the evidence of a cover-up? Nothing I would hear would surprise me. For almost three years now NORAD officials and FAA officials have been able to hide their critical failures that left this country defenseless during two of the worst hours in our history.

It was just so far from the truth. Senator from Vermont - present. The Republicans control both the House and the Senate. They will not call hearings. Why did the Bush administration refuse to send the body armor our troops needed in Iraq? Why did they send inferior material? Why did they allow it to happen? Had there been an independent congress, one that could ask questions, these questions would have been asked years ago. Walter Peterson — 81st Governor of New Hampshire - Peterson, who signed the petition, told the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript yesterday that he did not expect the petition article to pass, but that asking questions when you have doubts is always the right thing to do.

Former professional wrestler and actor. The Running Man , Predator Voices of Dissent Challenge the Drug War Host Alex Jones is executive producer of Loose Change get it here , the most watched Internet movie of all time. Ventura said he ran through a rollercoaster of emotions when he saw the film. Ventura then explored how it was possible that all three buildings could rapidly collapse at almost free fall speed. Having undergone Basic Underwater Demolition Seal training, Ventura is speaking from an experienced standpoint and he unequivocally stated that he thought the buildings were deliberately imploded.

Ventura also questioned the lack of wreckage outside of the Pentagon after Flight 77 allegedly struck the building. At no time, to my knowledge, did we have any fighter planes up in the air. Where the heck was our defense? Who was sleeping at the wheel? While all of these planes Just what the hell happened in that area of time?! President Ahmadinejad argued the changes in the world were so tremendous that the United Nations should be allowed to explore what happened on Sept.

Ahmadinejad was mocked by most mainstream American news organizations, but not everyone accepts the "crackpot idea" characterization. Many believe a full and complete investigation of is still needed. Candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination. Former Flight Surgeon, U. I want a complete, impartial, and totally independent investigation of the events of September 11, Ask Michael Meacher about how he feels about this bogus war on terrorism.

Can you comment on that please? Well, that would be nice to have. It will be a little bit better now with the Democrats now in charge of oversight. But I think we have to keep pushing for it. And like you and others, we see the investigations that have been done so far as more or less cover-up and no real explanation of what went on. Well, I think he was asking about, you know, who ultimately is to blame and whether or not it deserves more investigation.

There was one investigation. And then they turn around and they use this as an excuse to go into Iraq. Like, you know, tell them whatever we want them to hear. Congressman Dennis Kucinich — 6-term Congressman from Ohio. Former mayor of Cleveland. Member, Committee on Education and Labor. They have to do with financial issues. Because, why would the government lie about a cause for war?

And I want to be quite specific about this. He also said that as chairman of a House subcommittee on domestic policy, he plans to launch an investigation of "a narrow portion" of the Sept. He offered few details, but said his subcommittee would be looking at "a few, specific discrepancies in the public record. He said some panel members were trying to smear [Lt. Anthony] Shaffer and Able Danger. The American people, the families, the country and the Congress need to know the truth, the whole truth, the complete truth.

There is something outrageous at work here. This is not a third-rate burglary of a political campaign headquarters. See also Louis Freeh , Lt. Georgia state legislator - When reporters and members of the public asked for details, then Secretary of State Colin Powell promised that it would be made all clear to the world in a White Paper. Nearly 4 years, and 2 wars later, we still have no official statement from the Bush administration on the specifics of who did it, who aided and financed them or what their origins are.

For the families who suffered so much loss this surely feels like adding insult to injury. They deserve to know everything that there is to be known about how their loved ones died.

They fought for an investigation that would be non-partisan, independent, and that would get to the bottom of things. But, as work got underway, not only did the Commission run up against obstruction by the administration and non-cooperation from government agencies, many, if not most of the commissioners themselves had conflicts of interest.

And several commissioners spoke out about problems in the process; the lack of investigative rigor and heavy reliance on previous work; the Joint-Commission Report, the drafting of recommendations before the investigative process got rolling, the failure to take testimony under oath or in many cases to even take transcripts.

Then last year, we got the final report. An extensive, prosaically impressive report. But as some of us sat down to read it, the errors and omissions immediately jumped out at us. How was it that it took over an hour after the first transponder went off before planes were scrambled to meet the threat? All of them too late. What happened to those reports that surfaced within months of September 11th stating that 7 or more of the alleged hijackers had come forward and claimed that they were victims of stolen identities?

Why did the Commission choose not even to address this? What about the terrorist Omar Said Sheikh? People all over the world are talking about this story. But not a word about it in the Report. Also served on the House Transportation and Science Committees.

Formerly Founder and CEO of a mining explosives company 25 years. Previously a financial analyst, budget analyst, and management consultant with Arthur D. It has not been unheard of to have rogue elements within government offices doing things. And they need to be fully investigated. I just want to know the truth. I just want to settle a couple of questions that are still out there.

And those two, I think, are really out there. They have not even done an investigation on these FAA irregularities or even the Building 7 thing that is at all worthy. But Building 7 and the FAA irregularities have not been explained. So those things are a concern. Now I just hope that it happened the way they said, but we have not yet put that entirely to bed.

Author, Headwaters Forest Act. Green Party candidate for Governor of California Currently Executive Director, Voice of the Environment. Norm Mineta — U. Secretary of Transportation - Secretary of Commerce - Senior Vice President, Lockheed Martin - Former term Congressman from California - We thank you for that. You were there for a good part of the day. I think you were there with the vice president. And when you had that order given, I think it was by the president, that authorized the shooting down of commercial aircraft that were suspected to be controlled by terrorists, were you there when that order was given?

No, I was not. I was made aware of it during the time that the airplane coming into the Pentagon. There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, "The plane is 50 miles out.

The plane is 30 miles out. Have you heard anything to the contrary? And -- Lee Hamilton: The flight that came into the Pentagon. I arrived at the PEOC at about 9: And the president was in Florida, and I believe he was on his way to Louisiana at that point when the conversation that went on between the vice president and the president and the staff that the president had with him.

So when you arrived at 9: Probably about five or six minutes. And your inference was that the vice president snapped his head around and said, "Yes, the order still stands. The Commission Report maintains the government did not know the whereabouts of Flight 77 prior to 9: Also of interest, is that the first approximately 15 minutes of Mr.

However, his full testimony does appear in the written transcript. Wilson IV — Retired diplomat of the U. Foreign Service, specializing in Africa.

Acting ambassador to Baghdad when Iraq invaded Kuwait in Husband of Valerie Plame, a covert CIA operative, specializing in weapons of mass destruction, whose identity was revealed to reporters by members of the Bush administration.

I look to the "Jersey Girls" [ Kristen Breitweiser , Patty Casazza , Lorie Van Auken , and Mindy Kleinberg ] who have so assiduously pushed the case in the memory of their late husbands, for real understanding. I have great admiration for them and for what they have done. They are not satisfied, so neither am I.

Bush - If the official wisdom on the collapses is wrong, as I believe it is, then policy based on such erroneous engineering analysis is not likely [to] prove to be sound. Treasury under Ronald Reagan, "Father of Reaganomics". Author or co-author of several books on economics and politics, including; The Supply-Side Revolution , Alienation and the Soviet Economy: I just try to say what the evidence supports.

Therefore, it is a non-controversial fact that the official explanation of the collapse of the WTC buildings is false. One would think that if the report could stand analysis, there would not be a taboo against calling attention to the inadequacy of its explanations. The Commission was a whitewash. On such a sophisticated and successful covert operation, the people responsible would have had budgets and financing and would have organized the operation to maximize their political and financial benefits.

Government Accountability Office on national security matters, 35 years of service evaluating, for Congress, activities of the Department of Defense, the three military services and their major contractors. Graduate of the Harvard Advanced Management Program. Their position is that without personal accountability there will be no impetus to prevent future failures. The major issue they raise is: The White House was the real problem.

How do you fire the President and Vice- President, except at election time? After rejecting the new office of homeland security, the Vice-President was supposed to set up a defense against domestic attacks. Over a period of several months his project never got off the ground. How could it -- neither the President nor the Vice-President ever accepted what was then the most advanced threat in U.

Providers are also required to complete monthly trainings to ensure they provide the best possible care to your children. This program offers before- and after-school care; school vacation care; professional devel- opment and day care; and hourly drop-in care. Children can also participate in "Camp Ojik- etan" summer camp. Fees -- Fees are determined by your total appropriate practices. They are also required to children is always sufficient to maintain family income and are based on a sliding scale.

In addition, all staff members are opmentally appropriate program. Some exam- each fiscal year and are paid semimonthly. The communication, language and motor skills. All eligible patrons should children.

Groton, CT often preferred by families because of the Call for more information. The Child Development Center program is centers often cannot accommodate. Child Registration -- Once you are offered a spot led by qualified professionals in early child- Development Homes provide a warm, family for your child, you will have 24 hours to accept hood education, whose major goal is to pro- setting in which children can participate in or decline it.

The chil- This involves bringing your most recent LES ful learning experiences. If you are a single military parent or the specific needs of each individual child. These forms can be acquired from and needs of the children.

Children are invited Navy-certified and state licensed. You will be required to make a nonre- and encouraged to participate in individual cation process is provided through the Child fundable deposit at the time of registration.

The Child Development opment, activity planning, nutrition, business Camp Ojiketan enrollment, an additional reg- Center is accredited by the National Associa- practices and parent-customer relations. In istration fee for a T-shirt and water bottle will tion for the Education of Young Children. The ratio of staff tions by the Child and Youth Program director vided by school bus or foot to Charles Barnum, 30 http: Meals -- The SAC Program provides break- fast, lunch on no-school days and an after- school snack for your child.

Programs include open recreation for youth ages 9 to 18, instructional classes for ages 3 years and up, Start Smart programs for chil- dren 3 to 5 years old and basketball leagues.

Instructional classes offered at the Youth Center include dance tap, jazz and ballet for ages 3 and up. Stay tuned for new classes being added on our Facebook page. Instructional class registration is done on a first-come, first-served basis with pre-registration for existing students prior to regular registration.

The Youth Center reserves the right to can- cel a class for which there is insufficient regis- tration. There is no limit on the number of child class registrations.

Register in person at the Youth Center. A class will be pro- Phone: These fees are paid transitioning families and the community at annually. The Navy school liaison officer SLO There is no registration cost for open recre- program helps installation and regional com- ation and teen programs.

Children 12 and over ments. These education professionals are on may sign themselves in and out. Parents all major Navy installations and serve as link- should also sign in and out at the front desk ages between all military families and schools. Parents are Parents, educators and community members encouraged to wait for their child if they are are encouraged to contact their local school under 5 years old. Reunions will host specially scheduled live Operating hours are: Looking for a place to grab a quick bite to DirectTV.

Watch your favorite game or show 3 to 8 p. Want to watch the big game? Call some friends and be prepared listen to the satellite jukebox. Enjoy a relaxed environment at Reunions Pub. Have Reunions Deli cater your For more information, call The atmo- Reunions Deli Building spheres are all pleasant and inviting -- a good Building Phone: Daily specials are offers a wide variety of foods, such as pizza also available.

Reunions Pub by the slice or whole pies available , grind- Building ers, sandwiches and salads. Catering services are available, which is Located outside Building Reunions Pub is an all-hands, smoke-free great for command functions, weddings and Offers a great array of food options, to environment with an enclosed, on-site cigar birthdays. Under the command of Rear Adm. James ness across all warfare communities.

The attack submarines assigned to Subma- E. The center has assumed assigned to fast-attack submarines to ensure USS California SSN -- Commis- the training missions, tasks and functions for they are combat-ready and capable of taking sioned Oct. Its submarines are ship in the Virginia class and the eighth U.

Submarine Warfare ASW from the Naval able to bring strength, agility, firepower and naval ship to bear the name of California. Fleet Forces and submarine, the Virginia class, was let for Dakota is the 11th Virginia-class attack sub- Commander, Pacific Fleet in establishing contract in late The Virginia class fully marine to join the fleet, and the first of eight WDCs for air, undersea, surface and expedi- embraces the new strategic concept.

WDCs will provide advanced first U. Self-reliance and ownership Feb. Virginia-class fast attack submarine and the Squadron 12 include: Navy ship to be sioned July 27, , Providence is the 32nd the fifth ship in the Virginia class and the commissioned with a name honoring the state ship in the Los Angeles class and the fifth third U.

Commander Submarine Squadron 12 strives to find helpful, constructive ways to improve performance through frank, objective assess- ments that enhance the perspective of com- mand teams.

We provide the foundations to build success in our crews. We care for sub- marine families -- particularly for submarines at sea -- we are the "stay behind" crew. Visiting ships are ammunition. The highly sophisticated Mark often supported. The training for all local area commands through Repair Department is the largest, accounting use of its small-arms range. The capabili- vide the necessary support required by the ties of the Repair Department cover the full command and the Groton waterfront.

There spectrum of maintenance operations required are more than people -- military and civil- by modern submarines. NSSC provides support in the areas of administration, medical, legal, chaplain, sup- ply, combat systems, engineering, communi- cations and operations to improve readiness and performs other functions as directed by higher authority.

NSSC is in Building 87 on lower base. RSG directs, assigns and monitors the accomplishment of maintenance on all assigned submarines. This involves long-range planning, coordination of repair activities and monitoring the execution of work in progress.

Organized and staffed along the lines of an afloat submarine tender Intermediate Maintenance Activity IMA , the command employs more than military members, 42 DOD civilians and contractors.

The primary mission of NSSF is to provide direct maintenance support to submarines assigned to Submarine Squadron 4 and http: Since that time, Electric Boat has continued building submarines for the Navy to include its nuclear fleet of Los Angeles-, Seawolf- and now Virginia-class submarines -- some of which are currently stationed at Naval Submarine Base New London. That year, the U. As a result, the Office of the Superintending Constructor was established July 11, Shortly there- after, on Aug.

Its responsi- bility covered the inspection of construction, machinery and materials. Under the joint direction of these two offices, the keel of the Cuttlefish was laid Oct. The boat was delivered June 8, Supervisor of Shipbuilding, U. Nota- training on submarines, torpedoes, engineer- and team training in electronic and combat bly included was the first nuclear-powered ing and electricity.

Records are sketchy on the systems employment, navigation and damage submarine, USS Nautilus SSN , commis- nature of much of that training, especially since control; and provide mid-career professional sioned in ; the first Polaris fleet ballistic the bulk of the early trainers were salvage mate- growth courses for both officers and enlisted missile submarine, USS George Washington rial from decommissioned submarines. Navy and the world have all Today, with the completion of Los Angeles- fidence that we will continue to serve the Navy undergone radical and profound change, but the class, Ohio-class and Seawolf-class submarines, and the nation with pride in our past and a con- the command is focused on Virginia-class con- tradition as the center for submarine training tinued commitment to excellence in the future.

From an era when train- and technical support in undersea medicine, Point, Rhode Island, facilities. The latter facil- ing aids were Mark I Attack trainers and a radiation health and related matters to meet ity was established in These trainers are vital activities worldwide.

It is one of 14 specialized learning centers whose primary function is to partner with fleet representatives in defining individual human-performance solutions to meet Submarine Force performance require- ments.

Additionally, the SLC will create, coor- dinate and execute the future training and education vision for the submarine force. The revolution in Navy training presents unlimited opportunities for the subma- rine force to continue to improve upon its unmatched record of training excellence. Through the infusion of training technology innovation, re-engineering of learning meth- ods and the commitment to ensure our Sail- ors remain the central element in performance solutions, the SLC will lead our six submarine learning sites in ensuring our undersea war- riors are fully prepared to fight and win in the 21st century.

Several colleges and uni- cers. Its and symbology for visual displays. Its more specific positive impact on the health, safety and well- research solutions. Naval Submarine Medical Center. Building 84 houses the Logistics Support of nuclear maintenance on tended units. Center, whose primary mission is to ensure Nuclear Repair Coordinators are responsible logistical readiness for the Submarines home Arrangements for system validation are con- for coordination and execution of all phases ported at SUBASE New London.

Building 84 veniently made through Submarine School New of nuclear work until the repair and documen- also contains the Navy Food Management London, and sea trials with research products tation are complete and filed; screening all Team, FLC Contracting Office and the Joint are coordinated through Naval Submarine Base nuclear jobs to determine the availability of Personal Property Support Office also known New London in Groton, Connecticut, and Naval material, personnel and procedures; coordi- as Household Goods.

Addi- mands in maintaining good order and dis- in the form of equipment installation, system tionally, the division is the responsible agent for cipline, and provides law enforcement and maintenance and underway maintenance sup- the proper receipt, accountability, stowage and security services to the Navy and Marine port to units of the U.

This authority includes offenses and incidents direction and coordination of all repairs, on and off U. In addi- engineering methods. Ship Repair, port and on-site support.

STSC also provides ism and counterintelligence responsibilities, Radiological Controls, Radiation Health, a limited amount of repair support. Take a seat at the library in the world. When com- submarine Billfish or peer through one of three U. You might even see one present day. The library is submarine is open for tours. Located on the Thames River adjacent to the Then experience the excitement of walk- Location: Take Exit 86 off Interstate 95 and naval submarine base, the museum and subma- ing the decks that made submarine history follow the signs; it is less than 2 miles from the rine are open to the public daily throughout the when you go aboard Nautilus, the first nuclear- interstate.

You will be able to see a Admission: The submarine tour normally lasts about day through Monday, closed Tuesday.

Winter est collection of indoor and outdoor displays 30 minutes, but there may be some waiting Nov. Inside the time since the Nautilus can only accommodate Wednesday through Monday, closed Tuesday. During peak tourist sea- The Nautilus tour is closed the last two weeks submarine control room and extensive models son, the line to see Nautilus closes at 4: Subma- so that everyone in line has an opportunity ber while the submarine undergoes mainte- rine Force.

Please call and check the schedule. Elsewhere in the museum, you can relax in at 5 p. Call one of two theaters and enjoy films of subma- For those who desire to learn more about a for more information or to sched- rines past and present. Stand in the recreated particular submarine or event in submarine his- ule a group visit. Navy Home Page http: The city was Both Connecticut and Massachusetts urban centers, rolling hills, stone walls, grace- later renamed and incorporated as "New Lon- claimed the town as part of a boundary dispute ful shorelines, spectacular fall foliage and don" in Groton -- one of the largest towns in New Lon- nialists were already settling along the same don County -- with a population of approxi- Other colonial settlements were springing up Atlantic coastline, brought by tall sailing ships mately 40, residents.

One inviting spot for ern Connecticut. Waterford was first settled in Thames River is still the economic heart of the these new settlers was a tidal estuary and and incorporated as a separate town from area, serving as a gateway for a Navy subma- short river that they named "Pequot" for the New London in Ledyard was settled in rine base, the U. Coast Guard Academy and Native Americans who lived in the area.

On the western shore, John Winthrop the and incorporated as a town in Mont- Southeastern Connecticut is truly a micro- Younger laid out a settlement in , which ville was originally an Indian reservation -- cosm of New England.

Its industry ranges he named after the Pequot Indians. Perhaps settled by Samuel Rogers from New London in from large employers such as Electric Boat yearning for their British heritage, the citizens Stonington was originally settled in and Pfizer both in Groton to small, single- renamed the settlement "City of London" in by a company led by William Chesebrough from employee enterprises. Yet, it has miles of beau- ; and the river was renamed the "Thames" the Plymouth Colony.

Other industries in town range throughout the year. Summer brings carni- child at heart -- nearby amusement parks from traditional fishing boat fleets to advanced vals, fairs, town picnics, fireworks displays and include Six Flags New England and the Lake medical supply manufacturing.

The recent Lobster Days. In the fall, there are food festi- Compounce theme and water park. The Dino- completion of the University of Connecticut vals and Oktoberfests. During the holidays, saur Place offers a acre setting for 40 life- Marine Sciences and Technology Center at lantern-light tours of the seaport and historic sized dinosaurs.

Strawberry Park offers a Avery Point gives Groton a unique place among homes add to the festive atmosphere. Spring acre campground nestled in a region of centers of science and learning. The govern- brings parades, concerts and more. Each sum- Haven, Connecticut, and the cities surround- sels. The area is also the site of the National mer, the region is treated to a musical jubilee ing Providence, Rhode Island.

Visitors can spend Connecticut Sun. There marine construction facilities of the Electric It is also home to important historic land- are sporting activities available for every Boat Division of General Dynamics; and the marks such as the U. Global Research and Development campus Maritime Museum and acres of public parks. The city is presently in the midst of a period of economic revitalization with plans for a National Coast Guard museum in the downtown area.

Coast Guard Acad- emy. The academy is unique among the service academies in that it educates the leaders of a humanitarian force -- the oldest life-saving service in the world. With a beautiful campus on the Thames River in New London, the acad- emy provides a four-year Bachelor of Science program with a full scholarship for each indi- vidual.

The academy is homeport for the U. Mystic, a picturesque seaport that draws thousands of visitors every summer, is truly "a state of mind" that represents historic New England. Mystic is technically a part of Groton and Stonington and, as such, has no govern- ment or services of its own.

But it does have a 19th-century village replica filled with unique shops, a seaport with historic ships, a world- http: Located at the mouth of the Mystic River, the the months.

Summer temperatures can reach Private and charter schools are also available settlement was originally a highly profitable 80 to 90 degrees and winter temperatures in the area, including Pfizer Kids, Sacred Heart whaling and fishing center that still provides average 20 to 40 degrees. Snowfall along the and the Stonington Institute.

John Mason settled the usually occurs between November and March. Public school immunization require- From to , Mystic produced a greater to local needs. Where you live usually deter- ments include: At least four doses. The last dose must size in America. But, by the turn of the 20th Two school systems serve families living in have been given on or after the fourth birthday.

At least three doses. The last dose building ended. Students residing in government must have been given on or after the fourth Today, visitors are able to stroll through quarters within base gates attend Ledyard birthday. Pre-K children must have one dose on side streets and the eclectic architecture of ity of students in off-base government housing or after their first birthday. With more than ten through 12 must have two doses. River, where large wooden sailing vessels were 5, students, Groton Public Schools has six Hepatitis B: Three doses, with the last dose launched that ruled the oceans of the world.

One dose on or after the first birthday. Information three months, with the first dose on or after ged climate, the weather in southeastern Con- on the entire Groton Public Schools system is the first birthday, or verification of the disease. Temperatures above available at www.

The school preschool-age children, including children http: Mean SAT scores in the Navy College on base to learn more about readiness for the public school kindergarten were for critical reading, for writing college and tuition assistance programs avail- curriculum.

Other state high schools in the area, ranging from two-year programs at lent employment opportunities for spouses of may require additional or fewer credits. Major addition to advanced placement courses, ers Community Technical College Norwich employment sectors include government, many high schools also offer courses that to the University of New Haven West Haven health care and social assistance, retail trade provide college credit in such subjects as and several off-site locations , the University and manufacturing.

Military spouses are welcome to do career exploration and receive job search assistance through the Family Employment Readiness Program at the Fleet and Family Support Cen- ter in Building 83 on base. Services include resume development and critique, interview training, access to job databases, one-on-one counseling for employment concerns and other employment resources. Military spouses who relocate with their sponsor under PCS orders are eligible for increased employment assistance through the Military Spouse Preference Program.

This program provides hiring preference for military spouses to DOD jobs and nonap- propriated fund jobs such as in the Morale, Welfare and Recreation office and Navy Exchange. Many local government contractors and subcontractors are also looking for workers in facilities and grounds maintenance, security guards, clerks, food service and building cus- todial services. Pay is excellent and job open- ings are competitive. Other area government contractors, such as Electric Boat General Dynamics , list job vacancy announcements on their respective websites.

The DOD has actively engaged private partners and other government agencies to enhance employment and career opportuni- ties for military spouses. As a result of a part- nership with Monster. Our goal through these many programs is to help military spouses find productive, reward- ing career opportunities while living in our community.

One of the finest exhibits is the Submarine Force Museum and historical ship Nautilus tour, highlighted on Page 40 of this guide. Other historic attractions highlight early Native American history in the area, colonial and maritime living along the New England coast, the American struggle for indepen- dence, and steam locomotive and riverboat travel.

Since nearly all of the attractions offer special events, rotating exhibits and educa- tional programs throughout the year, you are encouraged to call or visit their websites to find out the latest information. The ,square-foot complex has per- manent exhibits depicting 18, years of native and natural history in thoroughly researched detail, while two libraries, includ- ing one for children, offer a diverse selection of materials on the histories and cultures of all native people of the United States and Canada.

Exhibits let you experience life as it was for Native Americans before and after arrival of early colonialists. By the early 17th century, just prior to European contact, the Pequots had approximately 8, members who inhab- ited square miles around what is now New London County. However, the Pequot War -- the first major conflict between colonists and an indigenous New England people -- had a devastating impact land base and community, develop economic The museum is open 9 a.

Wednes- on the tribe. Last admission is at When the Pequot War formally ended, many The ceremonial groundbreaking for the 4 p. Call for additional informa- other tribes. For college-level students, it offers a one-of-a-kind, hands-on internship program and a renowned veterinary program. Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Explora- tion is open daily, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For hours of operation and exhibit information, visit www. Essex Steam Train and Riverboat Railroad Avenue, Essex Exit 69 off Interstate 95 to Essex Return to the glory days of steam from the comfort of a restored vintage railcar and get an unobstructed view of the unspoiled beauty of the Connecticut River Valley from aboard a three-deck riverboat. Operated by the Valley Railroad Co. Special events include fall foliage trips; Santa Specials with Mr.

Claus direct from the North Pole; and the North Pole Express -- nighttime steam train rides with live readings of Christmas stories, sing-alongs and holiday surprises. Other events sponsored by the Valley Rail- road Co. Morgan -- the last provide a spectacular scale model of the Mystic ley Railroad bring out their bright red caboose surviving wooden whaler in the world. Wan- harbor between and ; and allow you for a special fundraiser; and the three-day Hot der a recreated 19th-century seafaring vil- to explore a shipsmith shop -- the only manu- Steamed Jazz Festival.

The three-deck river- lage which is alive with the sights, sounds and factory of whaling industry ironwork known to boat Becky Thatcher is also available for eve- smells of maritime America. Dem- obtained by calling or by visiting Atlantic, enjoy a performance featuring the onstrations and exhibits change with the sea- their website at http: However, what really makes fifth grade. It is designed to engage, encourage church and many other shops found along this aquarium unique is the documentation of and challenge children in the arts, sciences, the Atlantic coast.

Signal flags outside many undersea exploration being performed by the safety, health, culture and history. Robert Ballard Kids can pilot a fishing boat or become by professional educators of Mystic Seaport and his team. The "Titanic -- 12, Feet an architect with giant foam blocks.

Hands-on the global village, a celebration of diverse Other exhibits take you on a remarkable jour- activities, stunning re-creations and captivat- cultural heritage.

The museum has a tree ney through seafaring lives, past and present; ing imagery make the exhibit a must-see. Today, the osprey hands-on, educational programs for children Fort Trumbull State Park, in New London, is a frequent early summer visitor. In the fall, and families. Both on-site and off-site pro- offers tours of an s fort, a walking trail cranes, herons and mute swans wade among grams are available.

On-site programs are and spectacular fishing opportunities from cattails and rose mallow. Seasonal changes scheduled year-round and are created for spe- a one-of-a-kind fishing pier boasting over provide opportunities to fish for mackerel, cific age groups.

Off-site programs are held at feet of shore-based access to the major striped bass, blackfish and flounder.

There are schools, child care centers and libraries. Saltwater fees for weekend, holiday and weekday park- Hours vary by season. For more infor- anglers will find a unique combination of sport ing, as well as camping fees, at the park. In addi- seaside acres along Long Island Sound. Fort Trumbull and the visitor center riage house. Lush gardens flank the mansion ests in New London County provide outdoors- are open 9 a.

Wednesday through on both the east and west lawns, and an Alpine men and women a wide range of activities. Sunday from May 21 through Columbus Day. The mansion is open and freshwater fishing, swimming, boating, park grounds. A per-person charge applies for for tours weekends and holidays from Memo- horseback riding, biking, snowmobiling and the visitor center exhibit and fort tour.

The first tour cross-country skiing. There are separate weekend, holiday historic mansion. Clear waters and vides 80 campsites along with freshwater extensive information on every park site to stone-free beaches with expanses of white pond fishing, swimming, hiking and bicycling. Bounded on The camping season begins in mid-April and directions and fees.

For a full list of state parks and state forests in the county and state, visit their website at www. Bluff Point State Park in Groton is the last remaining significant piece of undeveloped land along the Connecticut coastline. Jutting out into the waters of Long Island Sound, this wooded peninsula that measures 1. It offers hiking, saltwater fishing, shell fishing and mountain biking and has a boat launching facility. Parking at the park is free, but because of its Coastal Reserve desig- nation, access to the bluff is by foot or nonmo- torized vehicle only.

This is the historic site where, on Sept. The Ebenezer Avery House, which sheltered the wounded after the battle, has been restored.

A Revo- lutionary War museum also depicts the era. There is no parking fee at the park. Haley Farm State Park, also in Groton, pro- vides hiking, biking and jogging trails through a scenic old shoreline farm.

The Haley Farm http: Their apprenticeship programme combines practical training in a job with study. Apply online with your CV. Apprenticeships in civil engineering, transport planning, building services engineering and quantity surveying.

Pilots need active support from air traffic control to fly safely. With the ever-increasing volume of traffic, managing flights is a complex and sometimes pressurised job. People apply — and are accepted — from all kinds of backgrounds. These online games will give you a sense of whether you might have the right kind of aptitude and skills for the role.

There are also strict rules about who is eligible to apply , if you qualify and are selected you can expect to receive a generous benefits package. Information on role here , apply here. As part of the programme, you will have a manager as your mentor and access to partners and senior staff for further guidance. One in three ads around the world has been planned by one of the GroupM media agencies Maxus, MEC, MediaCom and Mindshare, which makes us the worlds largest media planning and buying agency network.

Alongside our apprenticeships and entry level programmes there are a number of roles you could be doing depending on your interest, skills and passions: Information on roles and applications here.

Our School Leaver Programme combines work experience with study towards a recognised professional qualification. You will start working towards the Association of Accounting Technicians qualification AAT where you where you will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills you need for a career in Finance and accounting, whilst earning a competitive salary at the same time.

With dedication and commitment to succeed combined with our excellent training and work experience you could be a fully qualified accountant within 5 years!

We need students and school leavers, people who are passionate about technology and hungry to learn. We have various apprenticeship programmes across our business ranging from levels Read about their apprenticeships here and apply here. Our School Leavers Programme provides a fantastic opportunity to start climbing the career ladder. Applications are now open - click here to apply. Information here , applications are currently closed, but will reopen later this academic year for entry.

This apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to build innovative solutions for clients by utilising cutting-edge technology. Information here , applications here. At least not at the Co-op. Our retail trailblazer programme is designed to really set you up for success, and propel you into the world of retail. To find out if there is an opportunity near. The supply and trading school leaver programme is an alternative to university that provides you with the relevant skills and experiences needed to succeed in a business role.

You will receive the appropriate development needed to be a high performing and valued employee. Four job rotations in front office roles and have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of commercial activity in our oil, gas and shipping sectors such as:. Apprenticeships worth discovering A Lloyds Banking Group Apprenticeship is a journey of discovery — and a brilliant way for you to go from full-time education into the world of work.

Tech Marvels are resourceful, analytical and commercially-minded people who are passionate about using the most innovative developments to help us connect with customers. Chartered Accountancy By joining us and achieving a prestigious qualification as a chartered accountant you will be equipped for a fantastic career. Fully paid 25 weeks study leave in block release.

Excellent opportunity for candidates who are about to complete their A Levels and have a keen interest in luxury retail. Starting in September our 18 month programme has been designed to offer a stepping stone in to a high service selling role.

KPMG Digital is a four year apprenticeship programme that combines academic study with practical work experience. If you are focused on building a career in accountancy but do not want a university education, we offer the opportunity to gain a professional qualification and earn a salary at the same time as gaining relevant work experience for your CV.

Skills for life, top qualifications and an opportunity to shape the future of energy. They then have the opportunity to progress towards the full ACA qualification and becoming a chartered accountant.

As a trainee you make the decision to build your career with us, maybe choosing to specialise in one of our particular service areas, or taking a secondment with a member firm in our international network.

A guide on Clearing produced by the Access Project. A guide on Adjustment produced by the Access Project. The T eaching Excellence Framework.

Treat this with caution: The Economist expected earnings differential. This measures how much graduates should be earning against how much they do earn to establish which universities "add value". Unifrog has lots of different ways of judging universities, including league tables. Build all work around this.

Universities and employers look for evidence of: You can gain all of this from cultural activities outside of school. TED Radio Hour —a journey through fascinating ideas with world renowned speakers. Profile —a 15 minute profile of someone in the news. Thinking Allowed —Sociology podcast discussing the latest research with guests. More or Less —BBC discussion of statistics in the news. Best of Today —one of the most significant daily news programmes in media, distilled into the most important or interesting segments each day.

Seriously …-BBC podcast series of the best documentaries of the week across all of their radio stations.

George Orwell - For first readers, try and Animal Farm , and for those who are familiar try: Mary Shelley For first time readers, try Frankenstein , and for those who are familiar try: James, and Citizens by Simon Schama. Here is a document of various organisations which provide free or low cost tickets to young people and students. Below are a few reasons why theatre matters, according to Dr Kevin Brown:. Reason 10 Human Beings Theatre is a universal cultural phenomenon that exists in every society worldwide.

Human beings are the only animal species that creates theatre. Understanding theatre helps us understand what it means to be human. It develops our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings to others, improving our relationships. It helps us understand how our minds and the minds of others work. It helps us to see how the environments in which we live affect who we are and who we will become.

Rather than learning history froma dusty textbook, theatre makes history come alive right before our eyes. Read the full list of reasons here. Read about courses you can get involved with here.

Reading around a subject outside of school will show you whether your interest in a particular subject is great enough to want to study it as a degree, or to work in that field. Cambridge STEP Maths programme - free online support to help university applicants develop their advanced mathematical problem-solving skills.

Home What is Central Futures? Preparing you for life after school. What is Central Futures? What will Central Futures do for you? The Central Futures programme will help you to: How can I be part of the Central Futures programme? Meet the Central Futures Team. Contact him on samuelw cfbs. Assistant Headteacher - Head of Vocational.

Contact him on stevensl cfbs. Contact him on saneiy cfbs. Information, Advice and Guidance Coordinator. Contact her on shawd cfbs. Contact her on brownec cfbs.

They secured incredible destinations including: Good luck to you all. The Perils of Antibiotic resistance. Apply for the Key Project here. Below are details of some of our current links and projects with our partner organisations. A magic circle law firm. Central Futures Handbook for Sixth Form.

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