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Pamela Johnson ‘the type of teacher every parent would want for their child’
fort stewart
Accredited Online MHA Programs

The Academic Affairs team at the campus is quite sad about this, and we consulted with the directors team to see if we could hold an alternate type of event to enjoy the company of our faculty and their guests.

We would host this on Friday, December 10th beginning at 5: If this is of interest to you, could you please respond to this email and let me know. We would love to see you and spend some relaxed time with you.

Sincerely Gene - 14 replies Flag as inappropriate. Inundated with soliciting phone calls from every school under the sun.

I decide to talk to University of Phoenix and I get "Wade"!? I called to get information, instead I got interrogated. He became irritably impatient with me and started raising his voice and asking slower and louder his questions, talking over me, etc.

He even told me it was because I was forming my sentences wrong A school that hires people to read scripts instead of knowing the ins and outs is ridiculous and frustrating. I am trying to better myself, instead I get talked down to. The instructors are under qualify and all I got was a typing lesson. I got phone calls every few weeks to make sure everything was going ok.

I attempted for two weeks to get a hold of someone to ask for the best course of direction. After not hearing back I withdrew from the course because I knew I would have failed the class otherwise. Still no phone calls. Then I got a collection notice asking me to pay for the full course.

I disputed it with them, and even read off their own policies for payment and length in courses and the amount that should be due. The instructor was the only one who tried to help me through the whole process.

It is funny, because the complaints you have about University of Phoenix, which my son proudly attends and will graduate from very soon, are so similar to the complaints I had against my school. If I had it to do over again, I would not attend a non-profit school that was more focused on the athletic program than anything else in my opinion. The important thing is that employers care about what you can do for them, not the college you graduated from.

If you apply yourself in college, no matter what college you attend, and if you learn something about the field you are interested in, most likely you will be able to apply for a job in that field and possibly get a job.

It will have more to do with you as a person than the college you attended. College helps you, no doubt about that. But it does not matter what college you attend, in my opinion. Good luck to all of you.

July 19, , 8: For all of you that think I work for the school negative I am a used to be thugged out black male from the streets that has just graduated from the UOP. I have graduated from UOP with a 3. I am proud of that and I will not let any of you spoil that experience.

I and a Branch Administrator over two city branches of a major company. I have came from working a dead end job to making something for my self! I know people that have failed in these course and dropped out. I have changed my life for the better and the UOP is apart of that success stop crying and apply your self and you will be okay!!!!!!!!! July 20, , 7: You admit yourself that you were not a very good student in high school but somehow graduated with 3. July 17, , 2: I did less than nothing in a traditional college and passed with flying colors.

I wrote more papers and participated more with Phoenix because I had to keep up with the workload. I think U of P has fixed plenty of the old issues. All of which they allowed to happen. However, when one began to become the leader, some people just hate it. Now look, every traditonal college want to do the same thing they once talked about as if it is so bad to be a online school. Oh yeah, just to let you know, you can go to class and sit in.

Last I checked traditonal schools give out student loans that students have to pay back, so whats the problem? She turned in stuff late, or half completed and still got an A. The group setting was a total joke, because she did close to nothing and still got full credit. She did end up with a ton of debt though, and had a hard time finding work. I written more papers than I have over many years of traditional school education as well. I was corrected on grammer and I was also failed for not completing work and not taking my time!

June 22, , 5: I just spent my last four years with this stupid UOP for nothing UOP, as much as I think it is diluting educational quality, is a regionally accredited institution, whose degrees are recognized by both regionally and nationally accredited institutions. It was probably because you tanked your GMAT or something. May 24, , 3: No school is perfect even the big schools. May 22, , 8: Was supposed to graduate this year but that will not be happening.

I should have known when i had problems in the beginning with them. For some reason when you send emails or try calling your academic counsler or finance counsler you can never get a message back. If it is returned it is a week later.

Long story short because of lack of communcation on UOP behalf. SO i fell out sick and left messages and they did not respond, so therefore I now owe them money and i cant graduate. Thanks a lot for looking out and making sure that the students recieve their education and make sure that they can at least know that the money we owe is well spent.

I feel like I have been lied to of everything that they promised and told me. No help in classes and yes i struggled and i was making it but no professor ever took the time to return a call or email. Not a good experience!!!

Complete waste of time and money!! May 11, , 5: May 2, , Consider going into a real school if you want my advise. Gina Flag as inappropriate. April 30, , 3: This is a self professed instructor for UOP and there are several misspelled words in the short post.

Yep, best reconsider if you are still thinking about attending. This is nothing more than a business with very poor customer service.

April 10, , I have already experienced 2 students that are working on their masters degree as well that completely plagiarized from one source or another almost everything they have handed in that I have seen. Everyone complains in the forum about how these students are still enrolled class after class with the same students that plagiarize!

University of Phoenix is lax in their plagiarizing protocols which is why I started to investigate my choice. After all you donot deal with tens of students in the class and all those troubles you have to deal with to earn dollars in the US. This is not really a university for learning new stuffs that would give you your favorite job.

It is a place for making huge profits for stockholders like in Wall-Street. So the bottom line is if you decide to teach at this place, think about working in a fast food restaurant first. After all, you will get free food at the end of the night shift and your 10 dollars an hour salary.

This is a new British-style slavary for money. Now neocolonialism has invaded academia for making huge profits. Thanks to the brain behind this so-called University of Getting-No-Where fir students by making money for profeteers.

I used to teach at a university in Canada and the average salary for lab instructor for a semester was Canadian. I keed, I keed. Definitely not for the riches. Should have gone to a state school.

Lots of professors from portland state are there which is nice. However the dumbass team assignments piss me off. I had this one girl who was a horrible procrastinator finally she dropped. I hope this is all worth it in the end. I am almost done with my MBA. Either way a couple years ago I never thought I would even have an associates im suprised I made it this far. Employer will pass you over for someone with a state or private university background. Even if you get hired because you have more experience or did better on the interview, the subject of college will always be a sore subject for you.

People love to talk about their college experience, and how proud they are of their school. Around my office people hang their diploma proudly with coffee mug to boot. One kid foolishly hung up his University of Phoenix diploma and the next day someone wrote "novelty item" on it.

I felt bad for the kid but he needed a reality check. D Flag as inappropriate. I have never ever had any problems with Axia ever. When I decided to take online classes, one of my first choices was University of Phoenix. I had seen their commercials and thought that to put that much effort into their image that they must have something to offer. I requested information on the website. About two days later, I received a call from an enrollment counselor. She was one of the nicest people I had ever talked to in my life.

She asked me about what my goals were, what my plans were, and what do I look to acheive for not only my career in the future but for myself. She has been there for me since that day.

She calls me at least once ever two weeks. My financial advisor and my academic advisor either call me or email me about once every month or two to see how I am doing and ask me if I need anything.

I have seen something very repetitive with many of the complaints about Axia College of the University of Phoenix: A lot of the complaints involove financial aid.

In my honest opinion, I think that if students went into the experience of Axia motivated by a need and want to truly LEARN, rather than being motivated by the large financial aid loans they plan to request, they would have a much more successful and fulfilling experience. A lot of people choose online learning because they think they will get a free ride. Axia College of the University of Phoenix is an accredited school with a rich learning experience that has provided me with more knowledge than I ever anticipated it would.

I have learned more through Axia than I ever did in high school. For the record, and since it seems to be the initial reason people are unhappy rather than being concerned about their education , my financial aid has only been late once and that was because there was a mistake on my part.

The staff at UoP have treated me wonderfully, and my experience here at Axia has been amazing thus far. Sincerely, A happy Axia Student Flag as inappropriate.

You would be in the same position if you were in any other school. You are irresponsible and lack motivation. I have been a UoP student for a few years and absolutely love the online learning experience.

If you have found yourself in a pickle it is your own doing. Log in every day, participate in the discussions, turn in assignments on time, and study hard. UoP requires effort and dedication to graduate.

Quit complaining and get back on track. You have no one to blame except yourself. Last week I performed a little experiment, sending in a vastly sub-par paper which was clearly at least words below the minimum word count, and received a perfect score. Not all classes have been like this, but anyone attending the college should beware that the vast majority of learning will be done by yourself.

There have been mostly two forms of evaluation for your work taking the online courses: You have access to any number of possible workshops which act as mini-courses in the subject matter of your choice, as well as helpful writing tools and an online university library which contains just about anything you could hope to look up. Whether this is worth the price of college tuition, however, I am not so sure.

July 16, , 7: There is no way to tell how the university is grading their students. So far all I have seen is completion rates from their reports. What they really need is grade averages per course. I know its not easy to get an A. But to get a C which if I am not mistaken is needed to pass the class must be beyond easy. June 16, , 4: When I first started everything was fine June 8, , The dean of my program made it well known that she did not like military!

I graduated with honors from a state university but got the boot here?????????? The dean of my program was seriously lacking in ethics as she told me I did not make it in of other students! The finance dept told me however that I made it. I do not want to be taught ethics from someone who has none! I paid money just to get away from University of Phoenix! The dean also decided to try to argue with me and tell me that the ship that I was re-enlisting on was sinking. Really a dean who does not know about water displacement????????

She said, "Why would anyone want to re-enlist on that ship it is sinking! It is halfway under water! June 23, , Sorry to hear such a horrible experience. May 19, , I love the UOP-online learning experience. They have excellent database access for research and many wonderful tools to help you succeed with your education.

Way to expensive, and they just sent out e-mails about a price increase! I have often felt I was actually paying to obtain this degree and would earn it regardless of academic performance. What I mean by that is I would receive excellent scores for work I knew was far from excellent. I am not even certain the facilitators read half the assignments submitted. The team aspect is excellent. So, all in all If you are not concerned with learning all the material because there are no tests, only projects and busy work IF you want a quality education at an affordable rate, go elsewhere!

May 9, , 3: I say if you want to spend this kind of money go get an education at Heald or other programs in your area. They instructors are a joke. What they offer you after you have paid thousands of dollars is a position to be an online instructor Not only that, I had suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital for over a week. Then when they have it you are just a student that made them rich, no job placement, no nothing. May 7, , Again military members, stick to the classes that are offered on your bases and stay away from these crooks.

Thank you for ripping me off UOP!! May 3, , 3: I am actually more lost then ever on what to do next, I want to see if some credits can be transfered and how much loans I will need to actually recieve a degree.. I think they should charge less and give at least one more class a week. April 28, , I would agree that U of P is a little high , but each class was very informative My advisors were great!!!

April 27, , Go checkout ace your college classes. April 26, , 8: Other than that, I do feel like most of the classes have been challenging working towards a BS in Business in Human Resources Management , although I do not care for the learning teams as well.

April 25, , I wish this school never existed. April 19, , 7: I am currently in comp 2 now, and so want to just quit. After reading all of the complaints about the school itself, I am actually wondering where all of my financial aid is going myself. April 9, , 4: UOP makes it easy for me to pursue my degree.

I know some people might think that is a bad thing, but I like that everything is laid out and easy to follow. If you miss something you can just go over the material again unlike a live lecture Flag as inappropriate. A 4 yr old can hack UOP. April 4, , 1: Give the easy grades so the customer will buy more classes. March 29, , 7: You can contact me at sandycoronilla watchdoginstitute.

Sandy Flag as inappropriate. March 26, , 4: I read through these comments and the school does not say the "instructor is always correct" I have filed a complaint against one of mine and that was taken care of right away. Also, I have had two academic counselors the first one moved to another state and the same finical aide adviser.

They are knowledgeable and get back to me in a timely matter. I still hear from my enrollment counselor and she asks how I am doing and how are my classes. Instructors do grade papers, I will admit I am not always good in grammar and every single one has corrected my grammar so far. I start my Criminal Justice classes in August and I work hard for my 3. I read the material, take the time to write my papers and always finish the group projects early.

If businesses did not take UoP degrees seriously why would have a lead case manager position? In my current class there is an officer who is pursing a Psychology degree and he said many other officers go to UoP as well. March 20, , Your comment " the likelihood of your credits transferring are great!

You posters here stating how hard your degree was, go to a real University with class meetings. Most of you would not make it. March 3, , 3: The staff and instructors are NOT good. They cannot keep up with student counselors. They accuse students of plagiarism falsely and put student in academic probation if you have a B- in the MBA program.

The prices are extremelly high. I was not learning because I was writing papers all the time and doing DQ only. The setting is horrible. I used to have chest pain all the time. No one wants to accept any credit hour from University of Phoenix. That college is a big JOKE Most reputable graduate programs require a 3. March 2, , 7: Did you like the stucture of how the classes were taught? If anyone haas already taken a Business Admin. Thanks Flag as inappropriate.

March 2, , 5: So, I can say that, yes, bias exists no matter what your situation may be! Many are smart, yes. But at the end of the day, you make your own success Some do better in a class format, others do not. Working online may work better for some, groups may work better or not vs.

A lot of this is what you make of it. I do find that a little troubling. And, even online schools can find ways to beef up their staff Many MBA programs offer flexible learning now online, saturdays, etc. May 1, , 9: It is the experience and your willingness to learn and prove yourself, as you have indicated, that makes the difference.

I do not see them getting exposure to real world experiences, only book learning. I have a lot of marketing experience and the simulations at UOPX really bring the text to life.

You get to make decisions that have impact on a business situation, and you get to see the result. To me, that has great value. Regional accreditation is very important for several reasons. Even though there are never solid guarantees, the likelihood of your credits transferring are great! I am proud to say that I am a future graduate of University of Phoenix.

I will be walking across the stage to graduate in July after many grueling hours of work to maintain my 3. What I find is that most of the complainers on this website have one of three issues: If you are unhappy with your situation at UOP, first speak with your enrollment counselor who enrolled you, then go to your academic counselor, and definitely speak with the directors, managers, and the instructors. You are paying for your education and have every right to take compaints to the top.

By the way, I do not work for UOP. Actually, I work for another school! What bothered me is that the students in my class, judging from the quality of discussion board posts, reminded me of what I would expect to see in one of those career colleges that used to advertise on late night TV. Also, one guy took such great offense to me debating a point with him in an ethics class that he took to personal attacks and internet tough guy threats for the rest of the course, with no response from the instructor.

Fortunately, I had pre-arranged with Excelsior to take those two courses for transfer, and I never looked back. There is also national accrediting for some universities outside of the six agencies. Who the accrediting council is for a university depends on where in the United states its main location is that handles education credit issues. A school cannot recieve financial aid unless it is in complience with federal regulations and the U. UOP is recognized by the U. Yale and Harvard charge a lot of money so are they also bad Universities.

Brown and Princeton University now offer online degrees. You have to take some courses on campus to complete your degree there though. Many government and military personel earn their education at UOP. I feel that most people who say bad things about UOP are the people who could not survive the courses so the quit. The programs are demanding for an online degree.

I say have some self respect for yourself. Be proud of the credits you have earned and stop putting down the UOP because you could not keep up with courses. March 5, , 5: It is only peer based learning.

So why would a employer chose a person who has done less legitimate work over someone who has? I find it amusing that others in traditional institutions are so threatened by UOP that they must constantly berate its quality and try to chip away at its relevance.

The more relevant question, in my humble opinion, are the caliber of indiduals graduating from these institutions. If employee value is any measure of a university program, then UA is a failure. Traditional business programs like that offered at the UA are overrated. Online learning now offers numerous choices for those seeking a college degree.

Do your homework, and choose a university that is student centered and meets your needs instead of the needs of its pompous faculty and administration. At least that is what people think in general. This is certainly not true. The quality of the education is something that is usually overlooked. I went through a long process of high quality education to get a PhD and I am prepared to defend what it stands for. The PhD from UoP is weak and the saturation of these degrees cheapens my own.

With no admissions requirements and the most basic accreditation behind them, UoP has been able to make millions of dollars at the expense of the US taxpayer and reputation of the US education system.

The fact that anyone can leave as many anonymous comments as they want here completely invalidates the credibility of all the comments. Dumbed down college for the really dumb willing to pay a lot. I feel bad for the suckers that have degrees from this business they might as well change the name to Apollo U Flag as inappropriate.

I am not a genius, by any means. However, I consider myself to be of at the least "normal intelligence". That being said, while I have been attending UoP, I have been homeschooling my 10 year old daughter, taking care of a four bedroom home, tending to four animals, and one extremely supportive husband. Even if I will in the end have obtained a worthless degree as some call it , the fact remains that I worked my rear end off for it.

And if it makes me feel better, then I see no reason why I should not go for it. I have been to a "traditional school". The instructor ignored all of the students, he just passed me without having actually passed the final. I did not have the opportunity to go to a "better" school. The one thing that bothers me about all of the ripping that UoP is receiving I have a friend who is employed by the state in which I live, and they are paying for her to go to UoP to further her career.

Furthermore, the instructors have degrees from all sorts of colleges! This has to count for something! However, I feel differently. Not to mention the fact that I have job prospects already lined up and they are very well aware of where I have been attending school! Now, I have my opinions, you have yours. I am very respectful of your opinions. They are, afterall, YOUR opinions.

I just believe one way, you believe another. No harm no foul. I was just here to represent my school in a positive manner. Good day to you all! They all have 3. These for-profit schools are passing out B. S and even PhD like candy. This seriously diminishes the value of real degrees earned by those who went through years of hard work to earn it.

Every degree issued from for profit schools are like counterfeit money. It robs the value from those who hold real degrees. I love the UOP employees that post on this site. UOP is a sham. Snake-oil salesmen doing what a normal business does: UOP is the master of this. The degree is a joke, and only institutions like govt jobs take worthless degrees like this. Nobody said the people at the school are stupid or worthless, the school itself is, as well as the degrees it grants.

I have a few friends who attended UoP and they are good people, but the degree does not help them. Like going to a state public school with a way better reputation and costs half as much. UoP advertises and screws people. I think that you are education snobs. There are pretty hefty writing assignments and research every week.

You just grab on to what you hear from the media and do not research what you hear. I know the work I put forth. I have always been an excellent student and this degree was a challenge for me. I enjoyed it so much that I would like to return. I do not have the time to sit with young adults and collegiate snobs to know I received a worthy education.

I graduated with a 3. I would be interested in researching your transcripts. It is dependent upon what you put into your education. Sorry but you are highly delusional if you think your U of P degree is on par with traditional University.

I speak from experience, see my ex girlfriend attended UofP and graduated with a degree in Business Admin 3. Give me a break, I was there many times when she was logged in to class, and their group format was a joke. Most of her teammate was as clueless as she was, and she often asked me for help. In the end we parted ways because she was saddled with 40k worth of student loans, and could not find work in her field because her degree did not hold any weight in the real world.

I tried to be supportive, but with my own student loans, mortgage, car note and other living expenses it got to be too much. I had not planed on commenting, but after reading your post I felt like I needed to. Not because I wanted to bash your degree or put you in your place, but to alert others who are just looking to attend UofP or any of the for profit colleges.

Unfortunately the reputation of this school already discounts your degree to worthless. UOP has deceived and screwed you. I am utterly amazed at the negative comments here and the hateful remarks I see people posting towards one another. Are we not all adults? If the answer is "yes", then act like it!

Yes, I am attending UoP. Quite frankly, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it. My enrollment counselor was extremely helpful. She was never pushy. I have had 2 academic counselors and 2 different financial counselors. Each one has been positive, informative, and very understanding in the amount of calls and emails I send his or her way. I have never had to dispute grants, aid, or anything else.

My instructors have all held degrees in the fields in which he or she teaches. Most have at least one degree from UoP. Each instructor responds to me in a timely manner. The classroom work is very difficult at times. I currently hold a GPA of 3. I have spend countless hours reading, writing essays, working on presentations, etc. I also home school my daughter of 10 years old. Teaching her has NOT been easy.

I have a 4 bedroom home, 4 dogs, and a husband. I am NOT lazy, I work very hard in my home and for my child and for myself. I will be very proud to be a University of Phoenix graduate. Incidentally, I finish my course load in April. I have already spoken to many prospective employers and they are very well aware of my up and coming degree and are more than willing to hire me once I graduate. I did my homework. I did the research regarding UoP.

I am not a "normal" student by any means. I will be the first to graduate in my family and am very proud to say I will be UoP graduate. Education is really what you put into it. I have worked my butt off to get where I am. All of those who continually bad-mouth UoP may have legitimate excuses.

However, for me, my experience has been wonderful. Especially compared to my experience with a local community college with an instructor who did not respond to my questions in a timely manner and who did not show a personal interest in my passing. Stepping off my soap box now. It is only peer based learning for the most part. So would a employer want someone who has done more than that? Good for you if it works out. Have a good day. You may be a victim. Too bad you could not find a job in the US to use your degree at, but then again, nobody here respects Phoenix, so I suppose it was inevitable.

First I have had five to six Academic Counselors and almost as many Financial Aid Counselors; I attended for a few months over two years. Now I have been dealing with for over a month they returned funds to my lender after a month plus of communications more on my part than theirs and no response from the FA manager.

I have been told the funds was sent back due to ineligibility I asked why I was ineligible for the funds two days later no response they have to do more research. In the process of them claiming to resolve what initially they stated was an error on their part which has turned into ineligibility I received several letters stating that I have had a withdrawal or break in attendance greater than 29 days and that my account will be sent to collections.

I was told that the letters are generated through a system but they could not tell me why since I have not had a break or withdrawal or any attendance issue for that matter. These are just the most recent issue not mentioning the other number of problems I had to deal with. Although they told me my issues have never happened before in speaking with some other attends of U OF P has determined that not to be true.

I am looking into attending a community school where I live and pay for my tution instead. UOP stock in the toilet. March 18, , 8: Yet you have the nerve to insult people online without knowing the different between "Collage" and "College".

October 15 Apollo Group, which offers online and on-campus degrees through the University of Phoenix, withdrew its previous outlook for its fiscal year late on Wednesday, and said that new student enrolments, which fell by 10 per cent in its latest quarterly results, could drop more than 40 per cent year on year in the coming quarter. Investor fears spilt over to the Washington Post, where losses at its flagship newspaper have been balanced in the past by its highly profitable Kaplan education arm.

The industry has launched an intense lobbying effort, and Apollo said it had made changes in its evaluation and compensation systems for admissions personnel, including eliminating enrolment results as a component of their pay. Apollo said the steps it was taking would affect its results. UOP caught in the act. Nothing postive to say. Yes you guessed it, I got an "A - great Job! Like any for-profit it needs money to survive.

That is how capitalism works. The first five years I taught there I thought it was a great place. I felt like I worked at a school that was striving to be world class. I highly recommended the school to potential students. And, I recommended its graduates for jobs. The last five years I taught there I changed my tune. I stopped recommending the school to anyone and I stopped recommending its graduates for jobs or to graduate schools. I am not sure what it is. I just know somethings wrong.

Did it grow too fast and too big? I really liked the concept. I think they placed profits in front of people and that is sad. It lies, cheats, and steals from the public and the government. For-Profit has ruined online education. Without adequate federal funding UOP would not stand a chance. You must encourage your subscribers to call the Department of Educationand demand the Gainful Employment Act become law.

You and your subscribers must demand it!! In case you are not literate to the law if the gainful employment act because law this school would not be able to increase tuition probably ever again and would probably be forced to cut its tuition in half which will snow ball into a layoff and launch its downfall.

You have to understand the dynamics of the way the school works in order to understand this so you would have to just trust me on it. During the sign-up process I was directed to use financial aid until my GI Bill was received from the Military. Unfortunately, Veterans Affairs never received my application from UOP because my enrollment counselor failed to refer me to a military counselor.

Instead, she used me to meet her enrollment quota and gave willingly gave me false information. As a result, I now owe money to financial aid which is ridiculous since I receive free education benefits as a military veteran. I have a sneaky suspicion the scum that rope you into the school, and sell shady financial aid packages to you, also teach you. No wonder this school has to be reevaluated every single year for its Regional Accreditation.

Most decent schools only need that look every 10 years. In this time I have had 3 financial advisors. I was told by the first one I would need a certain amount for an academic year.

What is the desperation all about? This school is shady. I have a lot of debt. They keep calling me to get my friends to sign up - 1 reply Flag as inappropriate. March 24, , 5: I faxed all the paper work in and come to find out the sent all my loan money back and trying to charge me over 3, Stay away from the school. I have worked my butt off for you people as a nurse for 40 years. America is full of snobs and our economy status shows it.

As I move to a third world country to serve medicine to the locals, I will remember you snobs. There were a few bumps in the road. I did not take heed. I have 44 hours completed on my DBA and I am getting my "asks" out of that school.

They have serious problems and disputes are not settled. The instructor is always right according to the school. What is the use of dispute reconcilation if the teacher is always right. I am out of there even if I lose credits.

I am not going to risk going off on another employee of this dubious institution. I also taught there and trust me, many of the people I taught at Axia needed to be in junior high school.

It is not worth the time money and trouble. And what do you have to say to those Ivy-asses who crashed the stockmarket! Gives everyone As for not trying. If you pay, you pass. Founded as a school of nursing in , Clarkson College was the first institution of its kind in the state of Nebraska. The college began offering online programs in and today remains a leader in distance education.

The credit program includes 33 credits of core course requirements and a mandatory practicum. After completing mandatory classes, students can choose to graduate or enroll in an additional seven credits of electives. The curriculum emphasizes service and includes coursework on topics like healthcare leadership, project management, business law and ethics, and healthcare communications. Students commonly earn their degree in seven semesters. Instead of the traditional semester schedule, courses start every six weeks and students enroll in one class at a time.

According to the recent student outcome data, the department received 34 applications and accepted 23 students to the program during the previous academic year. The average GPA for these enrollees was 3. They must also submit professional references, a resume, and an essay discussing what they hope to accomplish in their career and how Clarkson helps them achieve their goals.

Clarkson recommends that applicants have a few years of professional experiences when they apply since many of the courses in this degree rely on students already having fundamental business and leadership skills. The college also recommends that students check their state authorization and licensure page before applying. August, January, and May. Courses cover vital administrative topics, including the medical supply chain, healthcare project management, organizational change influence, and financial accounting for healthcare professionals.

Graduates are prepared to pursue management-level careers at top healthcare organizations throughout the world. Students who take two courses per quarter can expect to graduate within two years, while those who take one course per quarter will graduate in four years. The program was designed for adult learners who work full-time and courses are available in a hybrid format.

Students must visit the Portland campus at the beginning and end of each term for learning intensives, with all other courses offered asynchronously online. When attending lectures or working on assignments from their home, students should plan to spend approximately hours per week for each class taken, excluding time on spent on homework.

After completing all required coursework, students must take a two-term capstone project in healthcare. The project requires students to to develop a business model and business plan for a non-profit health agency using concepts in finance, strategy, project management, policy, human behaviors, and negotiation. Students work in teams and can be assigned a sponsor when completing this project.

Applicants should have at least two years of professional work experience, preferable in healthcare. School of Medicine Degree Types: Division of Management Available concentrations: Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities Tuition: Minimum two years professional experience prior to application.

Today, the school serves more than 49, students each year. USC is one of 40 public universities to earn both the top-tier research and community engagement classifications from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This program is designed for administrative practitioners already working in health departments, communities, or schools and provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue executive roles within their organization.

Courses are offered entirely online and there are no residency requirements. Because it was designed for working professionals, the degree is delivered in a flexible, online format that allows students to sign in for lectures or to turn in assignments at times that suit them best.

The online format allows students to complete coursework at convenient times and at their own pace. This credit program includes coursework in topics like approaches for health administration, methods in health promotion, planning health promotion programs, community health development, and consumer health in contemporary society. Students must also complete a practicum seminar and a public health practicum fieldwork placement during their final year.

Courses last seven or eight weeks and the program can be completed in months. Graduates enter the workforce prepared to become leaders in healthcare and advocates for meaningful policy change. Online courses are delivered through the Blackboard learning management system. Some courses may include recorded lectures but are primarily a progression of self-paced lessons that must be completed within a given time-frame.

All online students at USC pay the same low tuition rate, regardless of residency. School of Public Health Degree Types: Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior Accrediting body: Minimum 2 years prior work experience.

From its earliest correspondence courses and external degree programs, the school has evolved into a major provider of online education, serving more than 36, students who reside across the United States.

Excelsior offers two MHA online programs: Designed for students with some experience in the healthcare field, the programs are particularly recommended for applicants with academic experience in allied health.

Students in either track complete a total of 36 credits, including 21 credits of core requirements that cover foundational topics in healthcare and management practices.

Generalists candidates take nine elective credits focusing on any subject related to healthcare administration, while those in the organizational development track take three specific courses: Both degrees also include one additional elective course and a final healthcare administration capstone course that ties together overall program learning.

After completing the program, students are prepared to analyze issues affecting the healthcare field, implement effective organizational solutions, and lead healthcare organizations in both civilian and military settings.

While both degrees prepare graduates for leadership positions in the healthcare field, they offer different core curricula, with the MBA more focused on management and business skills and the MPA more focused on policy and administration.

Candidates in the two tracks take the same four courses in healthcare administration: Both programs give students the skills to maximize organizational efficiency and lead effectively. The MBA program includes nine core courses and three electives. Core courses build business foundations and move into upper level management skills, covering topics in strategic management and global business environments, in addition to a week analytics boot camp that introduces business data and technology tools.

MBA electives allow students to specialize their skills in areas of professional interest, including international economics, consumer behavior, electronic marketing, and collective bargaining.

The MPA program includes seven core courses that include administrative law, public budgeting, and technology management for public managers.

Unlike the MBA, elective credits serve the healthcare concentration requirement, and students are not required to take any additional elective courses. However, MPA candidates must take three foundational courses that cover the fundamentals of public administration: Applicants with relevant undergraduate credits may be able to waive some or all the foundational requirements. With an emphasis on student flexibility, the degree is available either a fully online or in a hybrid format that combines primarily online coursework with weekend intensive sessions held every three weeks.

Both delivery options use a cohort model that allows students to complete the entire course sequence together as a group. This fast-track program offers start dates in either the fall or spring and takes 15 months to complete regardless of delivery format. The program curriculum includes a total of 30 credits, with no required electives. Through 10 classes, students gain an overview of healthcare and management topics both general and specific, such as global issues in care delivery, research methods for management, and planning and marketing for healthcare.

The core curriculum also includes one course in current topics in health management, which covers Six Sigma training and competency for potential Green Belt certification. Online students take advantage of a fully asynchronous curriculum that requires no set login times and no on-campus meetings. The online degree mimics much of the classroom experience and includes recorded lectures, presentations, and discussions. The hybrid program meets for intensive campus sessions held every three weeks on Saturday and Sunday, allowing degree candidates to participate in case studies, class discussions, live lectures, guest speakers, and group assignments.

In total, students in the hybrid program spend just 44 days on campus, with other coursework completed in between residency sessions. The program curriculum addresses the major issues facing healthcare providers today: The MHA requires a total of 14 courses: The first quarter opens with an on-campus orientation that allows students to participate in introductory program activities and meet with faculty and classmates.

After the orientation, three online foundation courses introduce core knowledge that informs later program material: The first quarter ends with a two-day campus intensive that focuses on healthcare leadership solutions and the initial development of student capstone projects.

After the first quarter, most remaining coursework takes place online and includes courses in healthcare finance, healthcare systems management, and leadership: Throughout the program, students also perform two quarters of administrative practicum at their place of employment, allowing them to apply course learning to professional practice and implement their own evidence-based capstone project.

SJU is committed to providing degrees that emphasize decision making, problem-solving, research, and dynamic leadership skills. The informatics concentration is ideal for those who want to manage, develop, and evaluate electronic medical records and other cutting-edge technologies that are used in healthcare administration. Students study topics related to IT infrastructure, security, applications, and improved quality of care available through enhanced data management.

Lastly, the organizational development and leadership concentration explores group dynamics and team leadership, organizational theories, and leadership competencies. Online courses are offered asynchronously via Blackboard, allowing students to complete coursework at their own pace.

The program is offered entirely online and requires no campus visits or residency requirements. The curriculum includes core courses, concentration-specific courses, and two optional electives. However, they must participate in an integrative capstone course requiring them to analyze a complex case within health services management.

The program can be completed in two to three years. School of Health Administration Degree Types: One of 28 members of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, Regis is based in Denver, Colorado, but its comprehensive online program serves students around the country.

The degree emphasizes the managerial, legal, financial, and administrative skills necessary for leadership in healthcare organizations, with a pronounced focus on the ethical and social obligations inherent in the field.

Regis offers all courses entirely online, and students are never required to visit campus. The credit curriculum includes 10 core courses and two electives. The program core covers major topics in research, organizational ethics, finance, operations, and technology management, along with several courses that develop leadership skills.

Electives allow students to specialize their degree through interdisciplinary learning, selecting courses from the health services department or relevant fields, such as business or information technology.

Degree candidates who lack appropriate professional healthcare experience must take a course in healthcare delivery systems, which serves as a bridge course and offers foundational knowledge in the history and policy of health services. The three-credit course takes the place of one elective. Brandman University is a private nonprofit institution that was founded in in Irvine, California. The school is a member-university of the Chapman University system.

Brandman offers an innovative MBA with an emphasis in health administration. This online MHA program integrates management and business principles with ethics and decision making, while also encouraging students to develop creative solutions to existing problems within the healthcare industry.

Students explore and address current issues in the field including increased market competition and government regulations. Students must complete credits in core curriculum requirements before moving on to the credit set of health administration coursework. This series covers topics including healthcare economics, innovations in technology and information access, quality management in healthcare, and healthcare policy.

The program can be completed in two years of full-time study or three years of part-time study. This program is offered as a professional degree and students are expected to already have some experience in the healthcare industry. Students commonly earn this degree with the goal of pursuing senior-level roles.

Graduates are prepared to pursue careers as nursing home administrators, clinical managers, health information managers, assistant directors, and more. Applicants with an undergraduate GPA of at least 3. Those with a GPA lower than 2. None unless you have a GPA lower than a 3. Based in Pensacola, UWF is a comprehensive public college that serves around 12, students annually. The school is home to one of the best online MHA programs in Florida, an interdisciplinary degree that combines skills in both healthcare and business.

Part of the curriculum is comprised of three MBA foundation courses that build skills in business: Students take one additional course in management and organizational behavior, with the rest of the curriculum dedicated to health administration courses, including health delivery systems, health economics, and human resources in healthcare.

The degree also includes a hour internship in health administration, allowing candidates to apply program learning to hands-on work in a professional healthcare environment. During the internship, students identify and propose solutions to a problem in administration, development, or management. Internship participants also take an accompanying online course that builds competency in professional communication, networking, and professional development.

Online learners can complete internship hours in Pensacola, within their own community, or at their place of employment. UWF offers a comprehensive set of support services and resources to acclimate students to its eLearning platform. UWF also employs dedicated academic advisors who can help students navigate typical challenges such as enrollment, course selections, and maintaining work-life balance.

The school augments its multiple campus locations with a substantial distance education program, which includes a strong online MHA program. The program stresses evidence-based practice, effective communication skills, resource and personnel management, and the overall impact of healthcare policy on organizations.

This advanced degree is intended for current healthcare professionals or those with relevant skills and experience looking to enter the field. Graduates typically pursue leadership roles within the management, administration, and operations sectors of the healthcare industry. This credit degree divides its curriculum evenly between six core courses and six concentration courses. Core courses cover general health sciences topics, including policy, system and quality improvement, research, legal and ethical issues, and professional proposal writing.

Courses in the healthcare administration track move into specialized administrative knowledge, including compliance and risk management, organizational leadership and change, and competing through service.

Enrollment specialists are available to help with the application process and questions about potential degree and course selections. Simmons College is a private institution located in Boston, Massachusetts. The program is grounded in business theory and practice, with a curriculum that covers a variety of healthcare management topics, including analysis and discussion of cases, excel spreadsheet modeling, and health economics.

Graduates enter the workforce prepared to pursue careers as practice managers, chief nursing officers, healthcare administrators, nursing home administrators, and more. This MBA with a healthcare emphasis provides students with a rigorous business education that teaches them the many different facets of running a company.

Students who enroll in two courses per term can graduate in two years. In addition to core courses, students must complete two in-person immersion experiences, with additional opportunities to collaborate, learn from global experts, and network with influential leaders. Most courses have an average student-to-faculty ratio of to-1 to ensure that each student receives one-on-one attention from their professor.

Students can also access archived class sessions online at any time. The program is provided by the School of Management, which has received accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Simmons College expects applicants to have exceptional accomplishments in academic and professional healthcare settings, leadership potential in the healthcare industry, and at least one year of progressive full-time work experience in healthcare to be considered.

School of Health Care Degree Types: Online but required to take a one-time immersion day on campus in Boston Instruction style: Asynchronous and synchronous Cohort: Approximately years Program start dates: Offered throughout the year. Dates change year-to-year GPA: None specified Standardized tests: Not required but accepted Work experience: Today, the school offers a variety of online degree programs, including one of the best online MHA programs in the country.

All core faculty members have a PhD in health and medical sciences and are trained to understand the needs of adult and non-traditional learners. Enrollment in the MHA program at Seton Hall University is almost equally divided between online and on-campus students. This full-time program provides students with the strong foundation needed to pursue a directorship or other executive role in a variety of healthcare settings.

Throughout their time in school, students focus on six key areas of study: While most coursework can be completed online, students must visit campus three times during the program. Online coursework may be taught synchronously or asynchronously depending on the class.

Asynchronous classes allow students to complete coursework at their own pace. Hybrid or online Instruction style: Internship, practicum, research seminal, or capstone project. Serving more than 44, students, UC is a major provider of distance education in Ohio. Combining theoretical learning with hands-on, competency-based coursework, the program offers an individualized curriculum that allows degree candidates to apply course learning to management practices in their place of employment.

The credit, course core curriculum focuses on five key areas of healthcare administration: After completing the core curriculum, students move into two concentration courses: Along with the standard program curriculum, students have the option to pursue fully online certificates in finance, operations, or policy and regulation. The MHA program culminates with a comprehensive health systems management capstone course that includes a substantial research project. Under faculty supervision, students develop a research question that addresses a management issue within their place of employment or a similar professional setting.

Completion of the MHA requires candidates to present their paper to both classmates and faculty members. Central Michigan University is among the largest public universities in the United States, and has a student body 20, strong. This credit program teaches students how to understand and manage several operational functions in the healthcare industry, including finance, economics, marketing, planning, population health, quantitative methods, and organizational culture.

Courses offered include statistics for health professionals, managerial epidemiology, international health systems, and health economics and policy implications.

Graduates enter the workforce prepared to pursue careers as leaders in healthcare as directors, CEOs, group practice managers, or senior department managers. Online coursework is offered entirely online with no on-campus or residency requirements. Students may have to attend scheduled chat sessions, but otherwise are free to log in and complete coursework at their convenience.

Instead of completing numerous graduation projects, students consult with their academic advisor and elect to complete either a field experience, graduate thesis, or internship during their final year.

The department expects students who select the field experience option to already have a few years of experience in the healthcare industry, while the internship is better suited to students with no prior experience who want to gain hands-on experience in a structured administrative setting. CMU offers an extensive selection of support and academic resources for online students.

Each student is paired with an online student ally during admissions and has access to online proctors, a writing center, and a math lab. Naturally, the college is home to a comprehensive online MHA program that trains students to meet the needs of patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations. Requiring 36 credits total, the degree includes 12 courses covering all major areas in the healthcare administration field, including management and organizational behavior, strategic planning and marketing, economics and finance, policy, and ethics.

While the curriculum does not offer electives, many sections offer a choice in course selection; for example, to fulfill the legal component, students may take either legal and ethical concepts for healthcare administrators or law of healthcare compliance. For applicants unsure about committing to the full MHA program, MCPHS also offers a credit online graduate certificate in healthcare management that is one year long.

A private Christian college in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty boasts one of the largest distance education programs in the world, enrolling more than , students total. This credit degree includes topics in business management, strategic planning, financial principles, along with healthcare topics such as policy, ethics, and quality improvement.

Cognates include four courses that build deeper skills in a chosen subject area. The public relations track, for example, covers topics in media technologies, communication and conflict, and strategic communications campaigns.

All cognates frame their subject matter in the context of healthcare services, giving students the chance to make themselves more professionally marketable. Students with relevant professional experience may be able to earn academic credit for their prior learning. Military service, professional certifications, and specialized work experience may all be eligible to count toward academic credit, allowing candidates to complete the online MHA program faster.

Prior learning experience is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by faculty assessors, and Liberty makes no guarantees of credit awards. Accounting, finance, human resources, leadership, marketing, nonprofit management, project management, public administration, public relations, strategic management, supply chain management and logistics Tuition: Using an accelerated eight-week course format, the degree can be completed in two years.

All concentrations require 36 credits, with 24 credits of core courses, nine credits of concentration courses, and a three-credit capstone course. The program core focuses on a foundation of management, finance, policy, ethics, and quality improvement. Concentration courses build deeper knowledge in different healthcare areas through three elective courses.

The gerontology track focuses on long-term care administration and the needs of aging populations. The information technology track concentrates on the use of IT, including cybersecurity and health informatics, to improve healthcare systems and organizations. Students in the leadership concentration gain deeper knowledge in organizational management strategies, including human resources management and advanced financial management. The population health track takes a broad view of community health, focusing on strategies to improve health outcomes for specific sets of patients.

Each degree path culminates with a healthcare administration practicum that allows candidates to apply their course learning to a professional healthcare environment.

The practicum supplements program knowledge with real world experience and offers online learners the opportunity to reflect on their academic and professional experiences. Gerontology, health information technology, leadership, and population health Tuition: This credit MHA online program includes 14 total courses that offer a broad overview of healthcare administration fundamentals along with specialized courses covering advanced topics.

The degree includes no elective courses, and all students complete the same curriculum. The curriculum culminates with an integrative capstone course that ties together major learning objectives while students reflect on their professional and academic development throughout the program. Occurring six times throughout the program, these weeklong residencies include classroom courses, professional development seminars, guest lectures, and socializing and networking opportunities.

Other than the on-campus sessions, students perform all online work asynchronously, with no required login times or live class meetings. With full-time enrollment, the program takes about two years to complete, while part-time students typically take about three years. Trinity University is a private liberal arts college that was founded in in San Antonio, Texas. Graduates enter the workforce prepared to pursue careers as clinical managers, home care case managers, wellness program administrators, and more.

Developed as a part-time distance learning program, this credit online MHA typically takes 23 months to complete and is administered in a cohort. The curriculum covers topics like managerial epidemiology, economic aspects of healthcare administration, performance improvement, and leadership effectiveness. At the beginning of each semester, students visit the San Antonio campus for three days of intensive study. Aside from this requirement, the remaining sessions can be completed entirely online.

The majority of distance learning is completed asynchronously, but students are required to participate in a teleconferencing session once every three weeks.

Class sizes are small, typically less than 20 per class, allowing professors to have one-on-one time with each student. The executive program was also ranked by Modern Physician as one of the top business graduate schools for physician executives in The school offers one application deadline each year in August. Online and hybrid some required class time at the beginning of each term Instruction style: Approximately 23 months Program start dates: Throughout the year - Fall, Spring, and Summer.

None required Work experience: Employment at a relevant healthcare facility. The MHA program is intended for experienced healthcare professionals, and applicants must possess at least two years of full-time, paid professional experience in a healthcare environment, such as a hospital, clinic, pharmaceutical company, or health-focused nonprofit organization. Available entirely online, the program typically takes 18 months.

The degree features a concentrated course format with a total of eight required courses, including quality improvement tools and methods, technology and informatics, laws and ethics, and program development and grant writing.

Seven of the courses are worth four credits each, while the final capstone project is worth six credits. Each course meets for 15 weeks and includes 15 instructional modules. Courses are primarily asynchronous and include instruction through videos, podcasts, case studies, discussions, and collaborative assignments.

During the capstone project, students develop an original research project in a relevant healthcare area.

Performed under faculty supervision, the final project must also include an abstract and may require an oral presentation and defense. Combining topics in public health, business skills, and health systems, this interdisciplinary program uses a cohort model in which students complete most courses as a cohesive group. USM offers an accelerated course format that can be completed in about 22 months through a combination of online and on-campus courses.

Weekend campus sessions occur five times each semester about once a month , lasting all day on Fridays and Saturdays. These on-campus intensives allow students to collaborate with classmates and faculty members while taking advantage of unique professional experiences in Hattiesburg. Candidates unable to visit campus have the option of a fully-online degree, though this format takes longer to complete.

The online MHA degree requires 42 total credits, divided between the public health core curriculum and the health policy and administration emphasis.

The credit public health core includes courses in epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral aspects of health, environmental health, and case studies in health services administration. The credit health policy and administration emphasis covers all major subject areas for the field, including marketing, finance, economics, and management strategies.

The program curriculum also includes a capstone research project that students must defend in an oral presentation. The online MHA features a curriculum patterned after the National Center for Healthcare Leadership Competency Model, widely recognized as the leading model for healthcare education.

Students explore six major competency areas: The degree requires 45 total credits, with 41 covering core healthcare topics and four dedicated to an elective course. The core program curriculum explores issues of management and population health through coursework that includes descriptive epidemiology and biostatistics, advanced financial management, and practice issues in healthcare management.

The Drexel core emphasizes policy by including courses in national health expenditures, politics and policy of healthcare resources, and planning in the era of the Affordable Care Act. Elective credits allow students to gain specialized knowledge in related healthcare areas, including global health and management issues, risk management, advanced healthcare marketing, and comparative health systems. Drexel offers all courses online except for a four-credit applied management project that takes place during a five-day on-campus residency session at the beginning of the summer term.

Students work in groups to conduct observations and analysis of healthcare management practices in a clinical location, performing a marketing audit and a survey of patient satisfaction.

The residency also offers students a chance to meet with faculty members and participate in classroom sessions. A private Christian college based in Bismarck, North Dakota, UMary offers a offers a unique healthcare administration concentration that students can pair with one of four general degree programs: The healthcare concentration is a three-course online sequence that covers current issues in healthcare administration, healthcare law and policy, and healthcare organizations and finance.

UMary offers each of the programs online, though some elective courses may only be available on campus. All four degrees are also available in a blended format that mixes on-campus and online courses. While each degree program covers different subject matter, all four share the same credit graduate core, which focuses on skills for leadership and organizational operations in professional managerial settings.

The program core includes eight courses, including project management, statistics and research, law in the managerial environment, and human resources management. Students then move into individual program tracks, which include two to three specialized courses. The MBA path, for example, covers managerial finance, executive economic analysis, and managerial accounting, while the project management path includes courses in project initiation, planning, and execution and control.

Students complete the three health concentration courses before concluding the program with the graduate business capstone. The capstone requires students to complete a literature review on a chosen faculty-approved business or healthcare topic. Synthesizing a wide selection of secondary research sources, the review requires candidates to demonstrate an understanding of overall program learning objectives.

The school was founded in and celebrated years in The program prepares graduates to become educated, thoughtful administrators who provide community-minded service leadership. Graduates enter the workforce prepared to pursue careers as chief administrative officers, neighborhood managers, residential managers, sonographers, staff therapists, and in other related positions.

Students take three courses per semester for four semesters, with each course lasting between five and eight weeks. Most students complete the program within 18 months if they enroll in summer classes. Unlike other programs, this online MHA degree does not require field work, a thesis, or comprehensive examination.

Instead, the final capstone project allows students in their final year to work with local healthcare executives on a consultation project of their choosing. Coursework covers healthcare informatics, financial management, human resources, health outcomes, insurance, and strategic planning. One of the more innovative courses is leadership coaching for healthcare professionals, a focused class that helps learners identify their leadership style and begin developing managerial skills.

This is an exam-free program that awards grades based on coursework, research, and projects. While the majority of coursework is offered online, distance learners are required to commute to the New York campus once per week for in-person teaching. All students from previous graduating classes have gained full-time employment within one year of graduation from the program. Students should note that tuition prices also include the cost of textbooks. Hybrid - one night per week in the classroom Instruction style: Admission Requirements Application deadlines: Penn State has been a provider of distance education since when it launched its World Campus.

Requiring a total of 49 credits, the MHA online includes 17 total courses and typically takes 28 months to complete. In general, the program focuses on ethical leadership, critical thinking, effective communication, and a broad understanding of U. The program begins with an on-campus intensive course in leadership ethics in health services organizations, held in August during the first semester.

With the exception of the final capstone experience, all other courses are available entirely online. This collaborative project requires students to work together as a consulting team for a real healthcare organization, analyzing and offering solutions to an organizational problem.

Due to the nature of the project, the capstone is a face-to-face on-campus intensive course, allowing students to work closely together with team members and members of their consulting organization. Through a combination of theoretical coursework, topics in contemporary practices in business management, and concentration courses, online MHA students gain the knowledge and skills required for management positions with large-scale facilities in the healthcare industry.

Program topics include healthcare economics, ethics in healthcare administration, and organizational change and development. The credit program features rolling admissions, which allows students to begin throughout the year. The majority of courses consist of eight-week sessions, and students enrolled full-time can earn their degree in 12 months. Part-time enrollment is also available to accommodate the busy schedules of distance learners. No prerequisite courses are required, although familiarity with financial accounting and statistics is preferred.

The schools accepts students of all faiths. The school offers 50 undergraduate and graduate programs on campus and nine programs entirely online. In , Sage structured its graduate programs around its three areas of greatest strength: It does not require standardized tests for admission, but applicants should submit a statement of their career goals and a resume.

When preparing their statements, applicants should keep in mind that Sage seeks to prepare health care administrators for roles in various settings, including hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, health insurance companies, managed care companies, and state and federal agencies. Transfer students may bring up to nine hours into the program. Students must also complete an internship or externship, which involves placement in an analytical or administrative health care job for half a regular term or a full summer term.

It gives students an awareness of issues in 21st century administration and includes coursework in finance, data analysis, program planning, and legal aspects of health care. The program provides a theoretical foundation combined with practical skills to prepare students for hands-on roles in health care administration.

The specific coursework and requirements will vary depending on the school, but the following is a general overview of what you can expect while pursuing an online healthcare administration degree.

A sample curriculum of common courses in online MHA programs is listed below. These courses provide students with foundational knowledge in the field.

Students who enroll on a full-time basis can complete accelerated online MHA programs in one year; most full-time students will complete the degree in two years. A part-time student will take about three years to complete the program. The cohort model will requires students to take courses sequentially, moving through the entire program with a group of their peers. Programs organized in this manner often have a more rigid timeframe for completion.

Students who want to set their own pace should avoid cohort models in favor of individually paced programs. Dual degree programs, extensive prerequisites, summer term course offerings, and thesis requirements can also affect the length of the program.

The Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education is the only recognized accrediting body for healthcare administration degree online programs. Accreditation ensures that higher education institutions are providing education that meets acceptable levels of quality, and in some cases, accreditation will affect federal financial assistance and the ability to transfer credits to or from other institutions.

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation, an association of 3, degree-granting institutions, and the U. Both entities have reviewed these accrediting organizations for quality.

Qualified healthcare administration professionals are in high demand across the country. An aging baby boomer population has also added to the influx. Unemployment rates in the healthcare administration remain low due to this growing demand. This MHA salary trend extends to the entire healthcare sector, as well. The PayScale College Salary Report lists expected career earnings for all academic degree levels in different career fields.

Depending on their specialization, candidates may pursue roles in niche administrative areas like information technology or clinical leadership. Some of the most common career pathways for MHA-holders include the following job titles:.

Medical Records and Health Information Technicians: These professionals organize patient data and maintain thorough, up-to-date records for their employer. Employees in this field must become familiar with various technology systems and classification codes currently used to keep electronic health records.

These technicians often work alongside physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel.

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