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Dissertation on Motivation

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This 5 page paper looks at the potential benefits of employee engagement, considering what the term means and the potential benefits and scale of benefits that may be achieved with the practice of employee engagement. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

This 6 page paper examines two articles written on motivation and its link with employee engagement along with the impact this has on organizational performance, summarizing the article contents, assessing strengths and weaknesses and looking at the way in which the articles in with other research and literature. The bibliography cites 7 sources. A 3 page paper. Recently, the literature has been focusing on employee engagement and the need to improve this element.

It then discusses changes needed in the company. Finally, the process and program are depicted in a logic model. Bibliography lists 5 sources. A 9 page paper that begins with a literature review of employee engagement and involvement. This includes the costs for disengaged employees and benefits of engaged employees.

Involvement is the key to engagement. A number of activities to involve employees are reported. Two case studies are briefly presented, each company had to make changes to involve employees.

Bibliography lists 12 sources. This 21 page paper is a literature review looking at the areas of HRM strategy that will impact on the way a firm provides high levels of service quality. The bibliography cites 25 sources. This 6 page paper considers a scenario where a call centre is losing staff as they are dissatisfied with pay levels and feel that the bonus scheme is implemented in an unfair manner. The paper analyses the problems and considers the way that the scheme and approach of the employers towards the employees may be changed to increase motivations and productivity.

The paper looks at motivation theory, equity theory and employee engagement as part of this analysis. This 8 page paper looks at a hotel that has been undertaking quality improvement strategies.

The paper suggests strategies that may be used to ensure that continuous improvement takes place. This 11 page paper looks at a call center in order to assess three areas where strategic HRM may be used to improve the overall performance of the firm.

The three areas discussed include recruitment, compensation and the use of employee engagement. Each strategy is considered, long with the way t may be implemented and the way it may benefit the firm. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

This 4 page paper compares and contrasts some the differences which a business may find when doing biasness with lesser developed nations compared to the more developed nations. Issues discussed include the bureaucracy of setting up a business, regulatory environment, business infrastructure, and differences in terms of employee engagement.

The bibliography cites 3 sources. This 4-page paper discusses concepts of employee empowerment and engagement. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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Thus, job performance can be defined as:. Motivation is explained in detailed in the above section; ability is related to the physical and mental limits of an individual. It also includes qualification, technical knowledge, training and work experience Flynn, Finally, working environment includes relationship with colleagues and supervisors, the level of safety in the workplace, machines or instruments, etc.

In the past few years there has been lot of talks regarding transparency in reward systems. Transparency in reward system is very important for the organizations and they cannot keep it in isolation.

This is the reason companies are facing pressure from employees and other stakeholders to share more and more financial information and this is one of the growing feature of reward architecture Lee, Law and Bobko, The main reason behind this is lack of communication in the organizations and their lack of understanding regarding their reward packages Lee, Law and Bobko, Further, to have better understanding of the financial information, companies need to train their employees so that they can understand how their benefits and rewards are derived.

In this regards the report by Mercer is align with other studies conducted on the similar issues. They found that in most of the cases employees do not have thorough understanding regarding this issue Shaw and Gupta, Moreover, they also found that employees are very eager to know how pay and grading decisions are formulated and how rewarding schemes affects them. However, if the employees do not have any knowledge regarding interpreting financial information, they are higher chances that they will misunderstand the final outcome and it will affect engagement and motivation.

Thus, it is essential for the companies to make the employees understand that contribution made by them in the company has been recognized and in return they are getting fair rewards. This raised a question that how a firm can link performance with reward without disclosing required information. Two of the most important concept associated with the perceptions of pay fairness is equity and justice.

All the three elements, that is, reward fairness, equity and justice are strongly related to attitude of the employees which include pay satisfaction, intention to quit, commitment and perceived organization support. In addition to this, these three elements also have their impact on the behaviour of a worker such as individual performance, citizenship behaviour absenteeism and organization outcomes.

Perceptions of reward fairness of employees is strongly related to performance, behaviour and attitude of workers, but still it is not clear how reward practices impact these elements.

In organization, employees come from varied background with different experience and skill set Cohen and Gattiker, Thus, to motivate all the employees and to achieve sustainability with enhance performance it is essential for the companies to include the concept of fairness in their reward programs. In addition to this, formulating a fair reward policy becomes more challenging for those firms which operate globally and have to follow different legislative requirements, cultural, traditional, business and norms.

The sense of belongingness helps in creating identity of an individual and is simply a human necessity. The GVS group has included belongingness in his philosophy. The company believes in team work and to maintain this in all the aspects of its business management keeps on providing training and development activities to all the new workers GVS , This helps it in achieving synergy and develops positive competition among the workers and because of this company is able to achieve its goals.

Moreover, company communicates necessary financial information to all the stakeholders and standard procedure is followed for calculating bonus for all the employees whether the worker is from lower management or from top management. All the information are floated in the entire organization on monthly basis and thus employee working in the company not only works to fulfil his or needs but also for attaining the goals of the firm GVS , The main difficulty in making every employee feel part of a big family consist in matching cultures and different backgrounds of all the participants from all the states of the world.

The second key point of the GVS is cantered on transparency and communication inside the company. The transparency gives confidence, cooperation and information to all elements of the group. GVS exploits this idea to make sure that the clarity of the business remains within the company in its evolution. In many companies, the EBIT is kept secret to the structure, creating a lack of communication between levels and between business elements.

This does not happen in the GVS group who firmly believes in communication, transparency and trust inside the corporate strategy. A classic example is the production that has consumed too much material in a short time, increasing product costs and decreasing EBIT or maintenance that has failed to keep the plants as efficient as the target and this has caused increase in the cost of the product.

Finally, another case may be the logistics that has not shipped, the sales that have not sold enough etc. Keeping this transparency every group and every single person knows why the company has been good or bad and knows what their participation in the result was.

The objectivity of the bonus and the reward system. This is what GVS wants to avoid absolutely, every single person should be able to monitor their progress in bonuses during the year and the company provides all the necessary tools to do it. As previously explained the objectives come from the top, then the managing director compiles a series of personal goals based on the strategies of the group that subsequently declined in a number of objectives for all corporate managers and general manager of the geographical groups which in turn directs creating a series of targets for all the groups below them that in some cases open more subgroups going down until the last person in the group.

These objectives must be very clear and should be able to decide the difficulty level of achieving them. Every objective must always be discussed and agreed with the subject because so as to seek challenging but achievable goals. The assigned objectives must be easy to interpret and should be easy to understand so as to decide whether you have achieved them or not, so that every single person in the group will always know at any time in the year if he will receives a bonus or not and what he needs to do to get it.

This allows people to self-evaluate their work, while avoiding subjectivity where the manager decides whether to give or not the bonus and then not disclose the motivations or reasons for the subject. This is a key and an essential step inside the GVS; human resources make this process one of the pillars of corporate strategy, because motivation as Frederic Taylor says in his theory must be a process of economic achievement directly related to personal fulfilment.

GVS firmly believes in challenging but achievable bonus, and this drives the employee to strive in a positive way to get it, reaching a state of self-esteem and satisfaction that will push him to give more to the company and to give more to his team. If that teacher never gives full marks as may be the boy motivated to give the maximum of him? It is impossible, because it is a system non motivational.

GVS has conducted extensive studies on this, going all the motivational theories of historical bonuses and developing it with the tools of today to reach a strategy of stimulating and motivating awards which will work forever keeping the eyes to the long term profit GVS , Everybody have to participate to the company success. The GVS group is divided into geography subgroups: Each geographical group is then divided into functional subgroups like: Each geographical group is measured on its ability to generate EBIT and within the geographical group each subgroup is measured on its ability to generate EBIT with its activities, with clear objectives that are given at the beginning of the year.

Above all geographical groups there is the Corporate Group performance that is measured on its ability to generate EBIT at head level supporting all the geographical groups and rising everybody with the planning and choosing of future strategies.

In this way the objectives are developed in October at a corporate level and then are divided by geographical area and then their individual managers are divided again on the breakout thus having a consistency of objectives from the first to the last person inside the company GVS , This strategy allows the company to make everyone feel the company is developing and this injects confidence and motivation in the employees.

Thus from the above discuss it is clear that to enhance the performance and productivity and to achieve sustainability it is essential for the companies to keep on motivating their employees. Different employees many have different motivating factors, thus companies must work on different strategies so as to motivate all employees.

Moreover it is essential for the organizations to formulate fair reward system. In case if reward systems are not fair enough, employees will compare themselves with other co workers and this will affect the working environment. Bonus and rewards must be as per the performance of an individual and companies must disclose all the information to all the stakeholders.

This is the best mode to keep the worker motivated and injects healthy competition. In simple language, research refers to systematic examination of subject matter so as to acquire detailed knowledge about the same. To gain certain knowledge, researcher undertakes series of action such as data collection, analysis and interpretation. Accurate investigation and analysis of relevant facts and issues are of paramount importance for quality research.

Several methods, tools and techniques are employed by researcher in order to carry out research in systematic manner and to reach at valid and accurate conclusions Bryman and Bell, For this reason, researcher is required to have adequate knowledge about various methods and tools so that correct methodology can be developed Ethridge, This chapter of dissertation elucidates all techniques and methods that are implemented in present research so as to get better understanding about the topic.

It outlines the research techniques that have been employed to collect, evaluate and analyze the relevant data in order to draw valid inferences. With a view to achieve this aim, following objectives have been formulated:. It defines the background and nature of study. It helps researcher in drawing accurate and valid conclusions without getting biased. Basically, research philosophy is of two types Interpretivism and Positivism. According to Interpretivism philosophy, world is too vast and complex to understand Williams, Therefore, it is not plausible to develop generalized theories and laws.

On contrary, positivism philosopher assumes that everything in this world can be generalized into laws, concepts and theories. It focuses on investigating the facts and realities so as to gather relevant information for study Newman and Benz, As different companies have different views of HR policies and its impact on employee motivation, therefore Interpretivism philosophy is deemed to be appropriate for present research. Research design provides the framework for carrying out the study in systematic and logical manner.

It encompasses four main aspects of study namely research questions, data required for study, methods of collecting data and techniques employed to analyze the data. Primarily there are four types of research design: An Introduction , n.

Descriptive research design has been applied in the present study as the researcher tries to find out the characteristics of the HR policies that lead to employee motivation. This research design will aid researcher in gaining deep insight into the topic.

There are two research types; qualitative and quantitative. It concerns with acquiring extensive knowledge and understanding of issues under consideration. This type of research attempts to assess beliefs, ideas and opinion of individuals regarding the topic, this further aid the researcher in drawing valid conclusions Glesne, While on other hand, quantitative research focuses more on mathematical and statistical concepts and tools with a view to carry out study and derive accurate findings.

It will aid researcher in understanding the views, beliefs and opinion of different professionals regarding the impact of HR polices on employee motivation. Inductive and deductive are two main research approaches. Under deductive approach, theoretical facts and concepts are used in order to make rational inferences which are further verified with the data so acquired.

On contrary, under inductive research approach, new theories and model are developed. Researcher makes general conclusions from specific facts.

In addition, this approach allows researcher to make necessary modifications Kumar, Initially the researcher will study the HR policies of company and then will find out their impact on employee motivation. There are two types of data sources that are usually used in collecting relevant data for research study; this include primary and secondary data sources. Primary data refers to the information that has been gathered for the first time by researcher for the purpose of study.

There are myriads of methods for collecting primary data such as interviews, surveys, observation, focus group and questionnaire. Secondary data refers to the data that has already been collected by some other researcher.

This type of data can be gathered from various sources such as books, journals, magazines, online articles, periodicals, annual reports of company, published reports etc Bryman and Bell, The present study employs both types of sources i. In order to strengthen knowledge regarding HR policies and their effects on employee motivation, various journals, books and periodicals have been explored.

In addition to this, Internet tool has also been used to search online articles and information regarding the subject matter. Apart from this, for collecting primary data, interviews of the employees of the GVS Pvt.

Undertaking a research is complex task as it demands huge amount of time, efforts as well as money. It is not possible for researcher to carry out study with such vast population, therefore to make work easy and simple, it is important to employ certain type of sampling technique. Primarily, there are two type of sampling techniques; first is probabilistic in which all the elements in population have equal chances of getting selected for sample and second is non-probabilistic sampling which elements of population do not have equal chances of getting selected.

Researcher selects the sample as per his comfort and convenience Merriam, In present work, a sample of employees of the company was selected on the basis of simple random probability sampling technique. Data analysis is considered to be the most essential and complicated stage of whole research process. Under this stage, information accumulated from both primary and secondary sources are examined and analyzed with a view to derive accurate and valid inferences.

As the data acquired from both primary and secondary sources is mostly qualitative in nature, therefore using qualitative technique for analyzing the data will be appropriate.

Under this, thematic analysis is applied to analyze the accumulated data Newman and Benz, Different themes will be formulated based on the responses gathered from employees of GVS Pvt.

Ltd that further will help the researcher in reaching at valid conclusions. For maintaining the quality of research, it is important for researcher to emphasis on validity and reliability of study. This ensures that research has been carried out in systematic and logical manner which in turn aid in drawing valid and accurate conclusions. Validity assess whether the research explains and evaluates what it is intended to explain or evaluate. To measure the validity of present study, varied questions were designed that guided the entire research process and aided researcher in undertaking study in correct and systematic manner without getting distracted Kumar, As well, to ensure the reliability of study, authentic and reliable sources have been used to collect the data regarding the Human Resources policies and their impact on employee motivation.

The key challenge in carrying out research study is collecting valid and unbiased data from primary sources. If the sources are incorrect, it will affect the entire research study by making wrong conclusions.

Therefore, in the given case, secondary data have been collected only from authentic work. Furthermore, quality checks have also been conducted regularly at each stage of research process with a view to ensure systematic flow of study. While undertaking any type of research, it is important for researcher to consider moral and ethical practices. Below mentioned are some of the ethical practices that have been considered and given due importance while carrying out the study:.

Prior permission or approval has been taken from company as well as from its employees who participated in research. Debriefing was also conducted where all the respondents were informed about the nature and purpose of research and where it will be used. Not a single participant was forced to be the part of research. Additionally, they were free to refuse to answer any question which they find irrelevant.

Finally, privacy and autonomy of respondents was also maintained. Identity of every respondent was secured. Due to limited resources, particularly time and money, researcher is required to be competent in making optimal use of limited resources with a view to get best out of them.

Nevertheless, researcher has covered all aspects, yet there are certain limitations and barriers encountered by researcher.

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The study looks at the effects of motivation on employee performance at First Allied Savings with this dissertation, we are also indebted to Mrs. Evelyn Owusu Frempong of Department of length of service the staff 34 level of motivation of staff Dissertation Proposal Service; Topics with Titles Service; Literature Review Service; Other Services; The study is an explanation about the employee motivation in Bank of Kathmandu BOK, one of the leading banks in Nepal. Hence, the objectives of this research can be listed as: But there will be lack of motivation because employees .