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If you want to open the online folder where the presentation is stored, click OneDrive in the left upper corner. When that folder opens, you can delete a document, open another document, or navigate to other folders. Pick a theme PowerPoint comes with themes —sets of professionally designed color schemes and slide layouts. Just pick a theme, and all your slides will follow that look. Every theme four color variations you can choose from in the Variants group.

Each slide layout has placeholders for text, pictures, charts, shapes, and more. Pick the layout that works best with the content you plan to present. On the Home tab, click Layout in the Slides group.

Pick the slide layout you want, and then click Change layout. To change the size of slide, on View tab, click Slide Size to customize it. For text bullets, place your cursor in the line of text, and on the Home tab, select a bullet style in the Paragraph group.

In the Open dialog box, browse to the picture you want, and then select Open. To open the complete gallery of Transition options, click the downward pointing arrow at the right end. To apply the transition to all the slides in your presentation, on the Transitions tab select Apply To All. To apply an animation effect, click the downward pointing arrow on Effect Options and choose one.

To navigate your slide show, point your mouse at the bottom-left corner of the slide. To go to any slide in the presentation, right-click the current slide, and select Go to Slide. Enter the slide number you want to go to in the Slide box, and select OK. As you work on your presentation in OneDrive, you might want to share it so other people can see it or work on it with you.

Select your presentation in OneDrive, and then click the Share tab. To share a view-only copy of your presentation, under Choose an option , click View only. To let others view and edit a copy of your presentation, under Choose an option , click Edit. For more information about sharing presentations and co-authoring, see Co-author a presentation by using PowerPoint Online.

You can print your slides and use them as handouts, or you can add your speaker notes to them and use them as a visual aid when you present. Select Edit in Browser. PowerPoint comes with themes —sets of professionally designed color schemes and slide layouts. Learn more about copying an Excel chart to PowerPoint.

Slide sorter view, which gives you a view of your slides in thumbnail form making it easy to sort and organize your slides, is not available in PowerPoint Online. Using the PowerPoint desktop app, you can use slide sorter view to organize your slides and add sections and sort slides into different categories. PowerPoint Online is launched from a web browser and relies on an Internet connection.

To access presentations offline, Microsoft PowerPoint desktop app must be installed on your computer and used to view and edit slides. Improve the framing of a subject in a picture with the cropping tool. Simply click one of the cropping handles at the edge of the picture and drag it until you achieve the picture you want. With PowerPoint Online, you can insert pictures stored on your computer, or insert pictures from Bing Images. You can move, resize, and crop pictures, and apply a number of picture styles.

More sophisticated features for working with pictures, such as applying effects, are not available in PowerPoint Online. Microsoft PowerPoint desktop app lets you deliver your presentations using the Office Presentation Service, a free, public service that allows other so to follow along in their web browser. Learn more about Office Presentation Service. Only Microsoft PowerPoint desktop app allows a presenter a behind-the-scene control of the presentation flow, notes, annotations, and zooming tools.

PowerPoint Online does not support these features. With PowerPoint Online, you can print your presentation to a PDF reader, where all the layout and formatting of your slides will print the way you expect. Learn more about basic tasks you can do using PowerPoint Online. You can check spelling and set the proofing language, using the built-in dictionary with PowerPoint Online. But PowerPoint Online does not use a custom dictionary and does not include translation or a thesaurus. For more information about real-time co-authoring in PowerPoint, see Work together on PowerPoint presentations.

Advanced reviewer features, such as merge conflicts and compare presentations, are only available in the PowerPoint desktop app. With PowerPoint Online, you can view, add, edit, or delete comments. However, these presentations cannot be edited in the browser, and you cannot create IRM-protected presentations in PowerPoint Online.

With PowerPoint Online you can run your presentation with just a web browser and an Internet connection. PowerPoint Online saves your work every time you make a change. There is no Save command. You can download a copy, but you must have the Microsoft PowerPoint desktop app to edit a local copy.

In Editing view, edit and format text. If your presentation is saved in a SharePoint document library, then your presentation is online and you can share it by sending a link instead of an email attachment. People with proper permissions can view it in their web browser or mobile device. Learn more about sharing a presentation. PowerPoint Online plays slide shows in a full-screen window. Press the spacebar to advance the slides.

Slide animations play, but only Fade and Wipe transitions between slides are supported. For advanced functions, such as merging and splitting cells, use the PowerPoint desktop app. If the editing session times out or if you switch to Reading View for more than 30 seconds, the undo history is reset.

Learn more about keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint Online. If your files are stored on OneDrive, you can add, edit, or delete comments while in Editing View, and you can view and update comments while in Reading View.

With PowerPoint Online, notes for each slide can be displayed or hidden. You can also add notes in Edit mode. Edit your presentation in a form closely resembling its appearance when printed or displayed as a finished product. To view feature availability across Office plans, standalone options, and on-premise solutions, see Office Online Service Description.

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1. Create. Get started fast with templates. We have a full library of beautiful presentations you can customize to make your own. With PowerPoint Online, you create presentations in your web browser. They are stored in your OneDrive, and you can edit and share them online without needing other software. Following are some basic steps for creating and showing a presentation. Select a heading below to open it and see the.

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With PowerPoint Online you create presentations right in your browser. Create and save your presentations in your OneDrive space, and edit and share them online. Microsoft PowerPoint empowers you create clean slide presentations to intricate pitch decks and gives you a powerful presentation maker to tell your story.