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Do you know the phrase, that two heads are better than one? Even after the colonists have begun to fight the British oppression, no common national goal was established. Throughout the fighting and up until just a few weeks before they declared independence, the American leaders begged for reconciliation with King George III.

Some wanted a republic as he claimed, but others wanted to maintain a social hierarchy. The undefined goal of an American rebellion caused disunity and continued to get in the way of a clear purpose. Along with disorganization and different interests, distance between the states caused disunity among them.

Rivers, religions, social classes, and geographical boundaries separated ideas and opinions from spreading across the soon to be nation. When asked for help in the French and Indian War, Southern colonies were unwilling to provide troops and money to help fight a Northerners battle.

William Pitt was forced to bribe them to help protect their own people from certain danger. If he had to work that hard to help in a cause that strong, would the colonies be able to pull together to strike their motherland? The ideas of boycotts and such took longer to reach the farther states, such as the Carolinas and Georgia, and thus the Committees of Correspondence was set up by Samuel Adams to help aid in that effort.

However, it was still quite difficult for the colonies from far away to unite in effort and help develop a power strong enough to fight their mother country of England. Overall, the American colonies had little sense of identity and even less developed unity. These problems resulted from disorganization, difference of interests and distances between one another.

Because of the disunity, American colonies had to work hard to keep the movement strong enough to fight off British rule. In the future, American states would need to define their purpose and unify their efforts. Through organization, common interests, and gapping the physical and political distances, the states could achieve a common goal for the good of all people.

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Use these sample AP U.S. History essays to get ideas for your own AP essays. These essays are examples of good AP-level writing. These essays are examples of good AP-level writing. 1.

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Get the help you need in U.S. History in our online classroom Work through timelines and brainstorm with visual aids like Venn diagrams using our interactive whiteboard. Upload your U.S. history essay or paper to get real-time editing and proofreading help. Start a U.S. History session. Ready to get help from an expert? Find a U.S. history tutor now. History Essay Help Online - How To Write A History Essay Assignment? is recognized as one of the most authentic history paper writing services. History is a broad area of study. Many students find this subject quite intimidating. That is why they get reluctant when it comes to writing an academic paper on this subject/5(14K).

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Influence of the Enlightenment on American History - It was during and after the American Revolution that many of the main ideas of the Enlightenment were used as the guidelines to help influence things such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Feb 24,  · I need help starting this essay. My teacher gave it to us for US History 1 and it we need to talk about it in class monday. on "how the English colonies end up on a path to revolution?Status: Resolved.